It’s easy to get lost in all the buzzing activities that happen on campus every day. It’s even easier to keep postponing the cleaning of your dorm room until the place becomes an eyesore and unlivable.

Well, unless you want to win the Guinness Record for dirtiness, you would not like that to happen, right? To avoid the event that your dorm becomes a pigsty, here are a few tips to help you keep your college dorm clean.

Plan Your Cleaning

This tip needs a lot of self-discipline and abhorrence of dirty surroundings. This is the only way a cleaning plan will work. If you don’t have the zeal to keep your dorm room clean, then having a cleaning plan is a waste of time.

That said, you will need a schedule of sorts, a kind of cleaning plan that charts what you clean and when you clean your BU dorms. It might take some getting used to, but in the end, it is well worth a try.

Invest In Some Cleaning Equipment

Sometimes, manual cleaning can be tasking, and hence, unattractive. This is especially true when you have had a long hard day.

Having a cleaning apparatus will surely make cleaning your BU dorms easier for you. So it’s always a great idea to invest in a vacuum cleaner. It makes your cleaning task much more simplified and enjoyably automated. In the long run, you will find that you can stick to your cleaning plan as it takes lesser self-propulsion in the face of the reduced exertion.

You will also need to get yourself a duster. The duster makes cleaning your room more relaxed while the storage bins give you a place to keep the dirty stuff. This way, your room does not look littered.

Try Some Amateur Feng Shui

Feng Shui is the Japanese art of arranging things in an artistic way. Sounds exciting? When we say amateur Feng Shui, we mean that you place your stuff in a way that reduces trash and clutter.

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Try to arrange your room properly, making sure to make the nooks and crannies of your room more navigable and accessible during the cleaning exercise. You will find that your room will look a little less dirty and you’ll have more space for stuff.

Involve Your Roomies

Keeping your room clean takes effort and cooperation. Cooperation from your roommate in terms of sticking to the cleaning plan and maintaining a clean room after all the work has been done.

If you’re not able to get your roommate to invest in cleaning the room, you will be fighting a losing battle. Hygiene, when staying in a college dorm, is a collaborative sport. You can’t just stamp the culture of cleanliness autocratically onto your roomies.

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Clean dorms are not only hygienic; they give you that serenity and positive vibe to maximize your academic and social life. Campus Reel lavishes you with some juicy tidbits in the form of information on how a typical BU dormitory looks like and how life transpires them cutting through life in the freshmen dorm as far as the junior dorm.

Are you ready to feed your eyes?

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