The Synthesizers Game Changer

Synthesizers have really come a long way, and those of you who are music producers can confirm this. If you don’t understand what the word synths means, this is an acronym of the word synthesis. Sound synthesis is the process of creating electrical pressure soundwave using electronics. The sound wave is normally built from scratch, controlled and then modified. The device that creates the electrical pressure sound wave is called an oscillator. The oscillator can either be analog or digital. The oscillators are in-built in the sound synthesis.

The first affordable and successful commercial analog synthesizers were invented in the late 1960s. That tells you how long the synths have been in the industry. A wavetable synthesis involves the use of a table that consists of various switchable frequencies, which are played in certain orders. This method was purely intended to create digital sounds and it is the mother of digital sounding noises such as a ringing bell. Since this great invention of the wavetable, the music industry was never the same. Music production became interesting and somehow easier. If you would like to make more complex waveforms, you need to pair the wavetable with other synthesizers such as Additive, Subtractive, FM, and Granular.

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When the digital sound came in play, many recording labels were established and this led to a healthy competition in the music production industry. Among the outstanding brands is the Serum. The Serum is simply a plug-in wavetable synthesizer that is created by Xfer Records. Xfer invested a lot of energy and resources in developing a workflow-oriented interface that made sound creation and altering much more interesting. You can now import your own audio and customize your wavetables. This gives room for a user to have different skins.

Xfer serum skins are the real deal. They make the synthesizer interface look more appealing and full of color. It is a household name in almost all the music production houses. Even in terms of price, they are affordable. The best thing about the skin is that you can easily download them from the internet. They are easy to install and to run. You need to have a computer with great specs and you are good to go. Xfer serum skins come in big varieties to cater for everybody’s needs and taste. Comparing with other synths, the quality of serum skins is indisputable.

The Xfer serum has been the game changer in music production. When you install the Xfer wavetable, you don’t need to go out there looking for a record label to record a song. You can produce your song at your house without any difficulty thanks to this great piece of technology. The young and talented music producers have also embraced the Xfer serum wavetable because the digital sounds very classic and unique. That is why today’s beats are way much better compared with those played using the analog synths. The Xfer serum has been a blessing to the music industry, especially to the music producers.

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