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Everyone knows about the importance of getting ‘beauty sleep’. However, are you aware that you might be adding wrinkles on your face as you sleep? Your pillow is the culprit! Unfortunately, it might be aging your skin.

Sleep wrinkles appear when you sleep on your tummy or on your side with your face squashed into the pillow. Over time, this recurrent pressure and friction on the skin lead to ironing of the wrinkles into your skin.

Young people have great skin elasticity hence the effects are not obvious and the wrinkles can fade within a short time. The wrinkles may become permanent as your age advances due to decreased skin elasticity.

But, you have to snooze, right? So, what do you do? It’s easy, just upgrade your pillow!

You can try some of the best anti-aging pillows listed below.

  • Silk Pillowcase

You need to shift from cotton pillowcase to silk one in order to prevent pillowcases induced wrinkles.

Silk pillowcases have slippery surfaces that reduce friction between the pillowcase and your face.

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Unlike cotton pillowcases, they don’t absorb moistness from your skin hence your skin will be more hydrated and look glowing every morning.

Example: The enVy SILK pillowcase.

  • EnVy Copper Wellness Pillow

This anti aging pillow has all the benefits found in silk- hypoallergenic, prevent hair damage and wrinkles yet it’s not made of silk. It’s another copper ion option with extra benefits.

  • The enVy Bamboo

This Bamboo pillowcase is a very good option that’s vegan-friendly. It’s hypoallergenic and has no extra dyes.

  • Contoured Anti- wrinkle Pillow

The unique shape of this pillow supports your neck and face thus there’s no pressure on your skin as you sleep.

  • Celeb Approved Anti aging Pillow

This anti aging pillow provides a perfect combination of the two aforementioned types- this is a contour pillow with the satin-silky finish.

This pillow is a perfect choice when traveling because of its smaller size compared to the rest.

  • Night Spa Pillowcase

This pillowcase uses an advanced technology called cupron or in a simpler term, copper ion infused fibers.

Its manufacturer claims that it eliminates wrinkles and reverses aging overnight.

  • Hygenie Pillowcase

Hygenie pillow case uses silver ionic technology rather than copper ions. These ions help to keep away odor or acne-causing bacteria.

It has similar benefits to silk and copper- preventing hair or skin damage and it’s hypoallergenic.

  • Savvy Sleepers Satin Pillowcase

This pillowcase is vegan-friendly, machine washable and has a secret pocket for partners to share stealthy notes.

It’s made of satin which is smooth and prevents skin and hair damage.

Sleep wrinkles are not a joke; they can lead to serious skin health problems. Over time, the creases on your pillowcase might cause wrinkles on your skin due to pressure and friction as you sleep.

You should upgrade your pillow to avoid such horrible experiences. Anti-aging pillows are easy to implement, fairly inexpensive and makes you feel and look younger.

There are many options available in the market today, from ionized technologies to silk ones, so go ahead and choose the best anti-aging pillow from our aforementioned list.

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