Factors To Consider When Getting A New Dress

A dress is an essential part of a lady’s wardrobe and a definite must-have for the fashion-conscious. You can hardly go wrong when putting on a dress, a fact that further makes it a ladies choice when other clad seem to fail the mirror test. As such getting a dress occasionally is a fashionista’s basic need.

When looking for an African maxi dress there are certain things you need to put into consideration. This helps you avoid flopping when getting the right thing. Below are some of the factors you need to look into when getting into the mall to get yourself this flowing attire.

  • Your Size

Your size is a key factor when getting a dress. The size should be your exact fit for the purposes of comfort and convenience. A large dress makes a joke out if your style sense and makes you seem out of place. A smaller sized dress may be too tight and hence too uncomfortable. It may interfere with your gait.

For stores having no return policy, this might be a hurdle as you stick with a non-fitting dress or incur additional tailoring costs to bring it to the right fit.

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  • Price

You should also look at the price tag of the dress you intend to purchase and make sure it is within your budget limits. The best-looking dresses usually have a hefty price attached to them making them out of the reach of many. However, establishments such as JJ’s house have amazing offers guaranteeing you the best collection of dresses at a decent bargain.

Alternatively, you may opt for second-hand dresses which are way cheaper with some of them having that eye-catching distinction.

  • The Occasion

The occasion is another viable factor which dictates which type of dress to pick to grace it. There are several dresses which are event-specific such as formal dresses for formal occasions, party dresses for merrymaking and maternity dresses for prenatal stage ladies.

The dresses vary in make and it is advisable that you pick a dress congruent to the occasion so as not to feel out of place. You cannot go to a corporate function donning a flowery dress unless you are ready for reprimands and weird stares.

Some shop will advise on the best dress for the event in question so as to ail the look effortlessly.

  • The Weather Conditions

The projected weather conditions also influence the type of dress you pick from the stall. For warm or hot weather you may opt for thinly layered dresses made from either satin or linen. Such dresses promote body aeration and ensure you are not sweaty. You can also opt for barebacked dresses for this kind of weather.

For cool weather, thickly layered dresses are the best option for insulation purposes.


With this simple guide on what to consider when looking for a dress, you can say goodbye to getting confused when looking for one. Always ensure that a selected piece is of the right size as a key factor to do some justice to your style.

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