Wavetable Synthesizers Transforming Desktops Into Recording Studios

The Serum is perhaps one the most, if not the most, popular wavetable synthesizers in the market today. Created by Xfer records, it has taken the music production world by storm. Its workflow-oriented interface will unleash the user’s creative genius.

Since its rollout, Serum has become the software synthesizer of choice of leading industry experts for all the right reasons. With its easy-to-use, high-quality design, more and more music producers are using it and getting a bigger bang for their buck in the process.

Here are some of the major pros of using Serum:

  • Oscillators enable the easy manipulation of waveforms
  • Visual workflow makes sound tweaking a breeze using
  • Features 10 original sound effects
  • Equipped with impressive modulation options
  • VST FX is a versatile audio-manipulation tool
  • Sound design is a walk in the park with “drag and drop” perimeter and routing assignment
  • Includes exciting elements such as the ability to convert text into sound
  • A global online community that provides tons of Serum tutorials
  • A wide array of complex filters
  • Reasonably priced compared to competitors

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Using the 1.213 update, you will also be able to download the following Xfer serum skins for free:

  • Rocket-Powered Sound Design Skin
  • Anthracite Skin (By Evi)
  • Massive Xfer Serum Skin (By Entity)
  • Ableton Live Serum Skin (By Nasko)
  • Virtual Riot Serum Skin
  • Free Kill The Noise Skin
  • The “Frost” Skin (By Cymatics)
  • Rick and Morty Serum Skin

If you still do not know how to install these Xfer serum skins, here is a short tutorial you can follow:

• First, update Serum to its latest version. Open the synth in your DAW, click on Menu and go to the Show Serum Presets folder.

• Second, go to the Skins folder and save the skins you have downloaded there.

• Third, you can now change your current skin by choosing the Serum icon located at the top left of the screen.

Aside from its wide variety of features, the highly-intuitive Serum VST plug-in offers the following advantages:

  • Oscillators remove unwanted frequencies, thus providing a high-quality listening experience
  • Drag and drop connections can be made using the modulation system
  • Synth waveforms can be visualized with real-time wavetable manipulation
  • Unique sounds can be created using the complex filter systems
  • Texture and movement can be added to sounds using ten built-in special effects
  • Sixteen voices can be stacked up in a single oscillator using advanced unison

Here are some of the main features of the VST plug-in:

Dual Wavetable Oscillators. Choosing from 100 presets, you can create a wide array of sounds. You can also import your sounds or download from third party sources.

Effects. Adding texture and character to your sounds are a breeze with Serum’s ten unique effects. You can choose from the following: Delay, EQ, Reverb, Chorus, Hyper/Dimension, Phaser, Flanger, Compressor, Filter, Distortion.

Modulation. The Serum has a modulation panel that will take your breath away. The panel is as high-tech as it can get. It has four macro controls, four LFO modules, and three envelopes. With this interface, it is effortless to keep track of activities within your parameters.

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Serum was created primarily by keeping the music professional in mind. Whether you are a music producer, sound technician or want to try out some presets, this is the music synth you need.

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