6 Glass Types You Should Use for Your Beer of Choice


Glassware can make a lot of difference in drinking beer. It’s the first thing one notices when their order reaches them. It can make the presentation of the beer a lot more classy and can make the flavor pop out better.

Hence, unique beer glasses matter. Aside from aesthetics, they also allow the drinker to experience the aroma and taste better, compared to bottles or plastic cups.

Here are some different kinds of unique beer glasses and the types of beer they go well with:

Chalice or Goblet

If you want to enjoy Belgian ale, Tripel, Dubbel, or Belgian IPA, you should go for the chalice or goblet. The wide-mouth of this glass is specially made to keep the beer head, allowing the drinker to drink it slowly and take deeper sips. The stem of a chalice is bigger because of its thicker glass walls. A goblet is more delicate compared to a chalice because it has a longer stem.

Weizen Glass

If you love Dunkelweizen, Kristalweizen, wheat ale, or Weizenbock, go for the Weizen glass. This type of glass has a long and wide top, specifically designed to hold volume and beer head. Aside from that, it keeps the beer’s aroma. It also shows off the head and color well, trapping all the sediments at the narrow beer glass bottom.

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Pilsner Glass

If you fancy blonde ale, pilsner, bock, or the American lager, go for the pilsner glass. This is a tall glass that highlights the color and carbonation. It’s best for paler lagers with carbonation. It also helps the beer keep its head and improve the beer volatiles. And compared to a Weizen, a proper pilsner glass is devoid of any curvature.


For those who love Saison, Indian pale ale, imperial/double IPA, imperial stout, or Belgian dark ale, the best beer glass for you is a snifter. While a snifter is often associated with brandy, it’s perfect for enhancing and capturing volatiles and aromas, making it best for beers of the stronger varieties. This also works well for big sweet brews. Plus, you can swirl the glass to achieve a classy look and release all the aromas.

Tulip Glass

If you’re a lover of double stout, Belgian strong and pale ale, Scotch ale, or Saison, you can go for tulip glasses. They have a curvy shape that allows the drinker to get more of the foamy beer head as the volatiles get captured and enhanced. They make the beer aromas brighter. If you’re aiming for the beer head, this is the glass of choice. Find unique beer glasses that are ideal for high-gravity and strong brew beers like quads and tripels.

Stein or Mug

If what tickles your fancy is English bitter, Irish dry stout, Scottish ale, oatmeal stout, or American pale ale, use a stein or a mug. This glass comes with a familiar handle that makes drinking easy and allows more volume. It also keeps the beer’s coldness last longer. The tankard mug is one that has straight sides and thick bottoms. Krug mugs, on the other hand, are curved and stouter with a slightly dimpled surface.

Now that you’re familiar with the types of glasses, it’s time to make a purchase and transform the way you serve and drink your beer. Whether you’re an owner of a beer pub, a bar, or an avid beer drinker who wants to drink your beer in the proper glass, Cheers All has got you covered. Their vast collection of beer glasses should help you choose the right glassware for you and your beer!

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