Designing Attractive Banners Vinyl Signs – Things to Consider

When it comes to designing an attractive and appealing banner for a business, there are several factors you need to take into account to get desired results. Banner design is different from leaflet and sticker design. So, even if you have experience in the same, you need to focus on a few more factors to get the perfectly designed banner.

The banners need to be readable even from a distance and must be eye-catchy. If it is not attractive enough to grab the attention of the onlookers and people passing by, it will not create the impact it is expected to. There are a few elements of banner design and construction that needs to be emphasized more, and in this article, we will discuss it elaborately.

Banner Placement

If you know in advance where the banner is to be placed, it helps in arranging the color scheme and its design. It’s because the banner placement should be able to highlight the design, text, and material of the banner to the target audience. If the banner is dark-themed and is placed in a dark location, it would not be able to address the purpose it is meant to. Knowing the banner placement would impact the design, and the theme in advance helps a lot.

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Large Text

The primary aim of a banner is to catch the attention of target audiences from a considerable distance. It is for this reason that the text on the banner has to be massive. The smaller text goes mostly unnoticed by the majority of the target clientele. Thus, ensure the writing on the banner is large and bold. This will allow people to read it from close as well as from afar without any struggle.

Choose a Bold and Readable Font

However, it is not only the size that matters because the font you choose also impacts the readability of the text in banner. There are many different fonts available, and you can choose the one that attracts attention and goes well with the theme of the banner design. Also, the font should be able to complement the branding of the company as well.

Simple Message

The entire point behind designing a banner is to market a particular brand or product by sending across a message. The message that you put on the banner must be kept short and straightforward. It should not be too elaborate and must get straight to the point. Keep in mind that the target audience is reading the banner while driving, walking by, or while talking to someone. They are not going to spend too much time reading a large text. So, keep the writing in your banner short and simple, and it will communicate the message to the audience just fine.

Essential Information

The banner also needs to include certain necessary information depending upon the objective of the banner. The banner can consist of information like company name, company logo, office address, phone number, helpline number, and so on. You can choose what to include as per your priorities and the primary objective of the banner.

Select Appropriate Colors

The color scheme of your banner needs to be on point to make it look attractive, appealing, and send the message across in a targeted manner. For a quality vinyl banner, you can go through the Oracal 651 color chart and select the vinyl colors of your choice.

These are a few things to consider when designing an attractive vinyl banner to promote your brand or product or simply to communicate any message to your target audience. It will help you avoid common mistakes and ensure the end result precisely as you desired.

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