5 Top Tips to Consider Before Renting an Exhibit Booth

If you’re considering exhibiting in an expo, you have to find out whether to buy the display booth or rent it. So, unless you’re planning on using the same design for years, consider renting a booth.

The advantage of renting a booth includes a team to set it up and help you run, along with disassembling it after the exhibit show. So, consider contracting out to a reliable booth vendor, who has valuable customer services and is affordable, as well.

Tips to Consider Before Renting a Booth

You have to consider various factors before renting a display booth because they will determine the success of the trade show.

So, use the following tips when renting an exhibit booth.

Check out the Options available:

When you go to the market, you evaluate the best fruit because there are various options available. Similarly, you should consider the options provided by the booth vendor. Choosing a booth should depend on your objectives. For instance, you can select a quad booth because you want your customers to see the booth from all directions. Also, it will be ideal if you have enough content to place on all four sides.

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Size and design

How much space are you renting? You should rent a booth, depending on the hiring scope. Also, consider the amount of information you want to display on the booth. If you have several products to show, consider a booth that is wide to fit all of them primarily if you’ll not be using slides.

Another thing to consider is the exhibit booth design. If you want a customized booth, provide your specifications to the vendor. It’s essential to use the knowledge of an expert, so be open to suggestions from the vendor.


Choosing the right vendor is crucial. First, a reliable vendor will design the exhibit booth and deliver it in time. Also, they will incorporate your needs because they understand your success.

There are numerous vendors known for their quality exhibit booth design, but you have to ensure the one you pick is affordable. You have to confirm whether the vendor offers other services, including dismantling the booth after the show.

Note: some vendors provide event management services so that they ease your hustle, especially if it’s your first time attending a trade show.

So, ensure you choose a company that provides both high-quality exhibit booth design and expertise.

The interior design of the booth

A booth is typically a table on the front and an erected material displaying your company’s logo and products. But, consider a booth that allows you to customize it. For instance, you can rent a booth that is big to accommodate a seat. You should be hospitable if you want to attract and retain several minutes of conversations.

Rent or buy

Well, buying a booth gives you complete control over it, but the stress of running, managing, and storing it is not worth the hassle. Therefore, consider renting a display booth because you delegate the hard part of the trade show to a qualified booth vendor.


If it’s your first time attending a trade show, start by renting a booth to experiment with its advantages. After a while, you’ll understand why renting a booth is better than having your own one.

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