Factors to Consider When Choosing a Mailing Service Provider When You’re a Doctor

Information is usually critical, and only the owner of the data should be able to read it. However, imagine the damage it would cause if your mail containing essential and confidential information, got into the wrong hands.

This is one of the reasons why you need to secure your letters; Thus, you’ll be required to verify your identity every time you receive them. If you don’t have the password or authenticity details, you can’t access your mail.

Medical bills, histories, and treatments are some of the content that should only be read by the owner of the information and their doctors.

As a doctor, you need to consider HIPAA compliant mailing services.

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This process is a service where the HIPAA mailing company combine relevant details for each patient, encrypt the information, and send it to the right receiver.

The mails should not display all of the patient information until the owner puts authenticating details and password to access and read the letter.

Things to Consider When Choosing HIPAA Mailing Service Provider


Consider the security provided through the process of emailing your clients. First, the client information has to be technically encrypted so that it is only understandable between the sender and receiver.

Also, consider the physical security of the HIPAA compliant mailing services to ensure that nobody has access to view details in a mail. Additionally, once the letter has been sent, the mailing provider shouldn’t remain with a copy.



It’s the end of the month, and you need to send billing information to your clients. You require a mailing service provider who is available to carry the mail in time. If you have 100 clients that you need to send letters to, then the service provider should send all the 100 mail items in time.

Also, consider the number of times you send emails in a month and ensure the mailing service provider is available during all those moments.

Services cost

Cost is one thing that allows the continuity of a business deal or breaks it. So, ask about the charges of mailing services. They should be cost-effective.

Customer service

Before choosing an online mailing service provider, you need to consider their customer service skills. The service provider should present accurate and detailed information for your clients as you require them to be. So, check whether the company provides high-quality customer service and that they don’t leave any patient out when sending the mails.


If someone recommends a service provider, it’s because they loved their work. Check on the review section of the service provider’s website and determine whether they provide quality services. Choose a mailing service provider that is reputable and reliable.

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Sometimes you have a lot to handle in a day, such that you lack time to compile and send your patient information. So, consider hiring a mailing service provider that is compliant with HIPAA to protect your patient’s records along with delivering perfectly designed mails.

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