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Do You know How many mails can you send in Gmail to a maximum of one day?

Almost everybody uses Gmail for e-mail communication, except for the very few who have long used Yahoo IDs!

Everyone knows that only Gmail files can only be uploaded with a file size of 25 MB in file attachments. But even after integrating Google Drive with Gmail, you can now have enough free space, but how big files can be sent to other people through Gmail.

But most people do not know that an average Gmail user can send only a few mails of the whole day. Within 24 hours you will not be allowed to send a maximum of 500 people and more than 500 mails. Google has created this to block spam. If more e-mails are sent within 24 hours they will bounce. Error message will also be shown to the extent that you are backed up.

If you have any business organization, you need to send an e-mail server to send a large amount of e-mails.

Or G-Suite, a special package offered to Google business entities, to provide up to 60 emails per minute, 3600 e-mails per hour and 86400 mails within 24 hours.

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