Growth Factor Plus Review – Is it a Good Growth Supplement?

The key to adding a few inches in height lies in the amount of growth hormone within your body. The higher the amount, the better it is for you in terms of growing taller. See for a detailed review of Growth Factor Plus. Below we highlight some of the important things to take note of.

In the vast market of growth supplements, growth Factor Plus is among the most popular. But is this supplement effective?

What the supplement is all about

Growth Factor plus has, among other ingredients, essential amino acids to encourage your body to produce growth hormone, the primary substance that causes the cartilage between your bones to grow. The growth supplement is most efficient on people that are past puberty, and users swear by its effectiveness.

It also contains other minerals and vitamins that contribute to your overall health, and most importantly, strong and stable bones. You require a good support structure when you experience growth, and strong bones are the support structure.

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The supplement is from a GMP certified lab and does not contain any harmful elements. It works when you are asleep, and that means no input from you, such as exercises is necessary.

Beyond the production of the growth hormone, the supplement has other benefits such as helping you sleep better. Better sleep translates to reduced stress levels and a better quality of life. It also helps burn excess weight and aid in blood sugar regulation.

What it contains and whether it is effective

The proprietary blend that includes the five essential amino acids is the most critical ingredient in growth Factor Plus. The five essential amino acids are crucial in the production of the growth hormone. It is not easy to get all the five amino acids from the diet, and growth Factor Plus provides sufficient amounts of each of them, necessary to enhance the production of growth hormone.

Other ingredients include magnesium in the form of Magnesium stearate. There’s a link between magnesium in the body and the growth hormone.

The drawbacks of the supplement

Like the majority growth supplements on the market, the safety and effectiveness of growth Factor Plus is not backed by research. There are no clinical trials that indicate the safety of the growth supplement, and it can be challenging to determine whether it will be right for you.

In the absence of clinical trials, it is not possible to tell whether the proprietary blend can cause adverse drug interactions with other medications. The long-term effects of taking the supplement may also be unclear. Of course, there are studies indicating the efficiency of each of the ingredients, but not as a proprietary blend. Chemical reactions between different substances can have completely different results, and that makes it difficult to tell whether a particular reaction is good or not for your body.

Take Away

If you were to make your decision based on the various customer reviews from users, then it would be an easy decision. The average score of four out of five is exceptional. However, we cannot ignore the lack of clinical trials to back GFP. Information on drug interactions and long-term effects is not available. Consult your physician before you make any significant decision regarding the growth supplement.

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