10 Smart Tips for Successfully Managing Stress

Stress is the most prevalent disorder in the current age. It has telltale symptoms like low energy, headache and chest pains etc. It puts the body in fight-or-flight mode, and you’re likely to feel terrible. Taking stress for prolonged times can lead to developing depression.

If you are experiencing stress, it might affect your life in every possible way. Stress puts you in an awful state; you might grow to hate the job that you were once passionate about. That is the red flag that you need to consider and devise a strategy to deal with your stress. If you are figuring out what changes you need to make to manage your stress levels, take a look at the list below.

  • Identify the Stressor

The first step towards combating your stress is identifying the stressor. If you are not aware of the things that cause stress, you won’t be able to devise a strategy to counter your stress. Is it your job? Is it your personal life? Is it the fact that you can’t get everything done in time? You have to figure out if the stressor is of trivial importance or not.

Often, people get stressed by something very trivial and unimportant. Acknowledge whether you are stressing out over something inconsequential.

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  • Take a Break

Now, it is possible that you find more than one stressor. And while there are some stressors that you can’t get rid of, like work, some stressors are easy to avoid. Social media plays an instrumental role in causing stress, especially for youth.

Try staying away from your Instagram for a while and you’ll likely feel less stressed out. As a mother, housekeeping can get tricky at times. It wouldn’t make you a bad mom if you ordered pizza for dinner once a week. Kids love that anyway and it would lessen the workload.

  • Go for a Walk

It is good to go for a walk every now & then – even if you hit the gym regularly and do your workout. Walking is the easiest way of losing weight. For many people, being overweight serves as a stressor. If you walk every day, it will make you feel happy because you will know you are making progress towards your goal. Walking in the morning is especially beneficial for your health. If you have a park nearby, you can take a stroll after dawn. You’ll love the experience.

  • Be Picky with Your Drugs

Most of the people smoke or drink to get over their stress. It might be helpful in that situation, but in the long run, it only aggravates the issue. You are going to get addicted to smoking cigarettes, and it is likely that it will become one of the stressors.

I believe trying certain strains of marijuana is a lot better than smoking tobacco. Try finding Blue Diesel or Girl Scout Cookies. These strains can elevate your mood, and they’re great for treating stress. Smoking a marijuana strain is way better than smoking a whole pack of cigarettes every day. Here is the link to my most trusted online cannabis shop:

  • Do a Spiritual Detox

The best way to get out of a situation is by elevating yourself above it. Do a spiritual detox. Get your journal, and write down every habit that you wish you didn’t have. Make a tiny checkbox against each habit and commit to it. If you stay determined, you will be able to become a better version of yourself.

This habit works if you are trying to get rid of gossiping, binge-watching TV or procrastinating etc. However, initially you should only commit to the goals that you think you can achieve.

  • Sleep More Often

Often, people tend to lose their sleep because of stress. And then they end up becoming more stressed. It becomes a vicious cycle. If you are sleep deprived, you’re more likely to snap and react to conflict.

Scientists recommend that an average adult needs eight hours of sleep to function properly. I usually divide my time between a consistent 7 hours sleep in the night and a nap of an hour in the afternoon. It keeps me fresh throughout the day.

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  • Get It Out of Your System

Sometimes, we all need to talk about our problems, if not to lament, then to analyze the situation and figure things out. You can share the things that bother you with a trusting ear. Cry it out, and then let it go. Holding onto your stress is like holding onto a rope that doesn’t pull you up; it only cuts your hands. Get it out of your system so that you can move on without getting more damaged.

  • Know When to Say ‘No’

Are you one of those people who keep lending out favors until they can barely manage their own life? It is time you start saying no. I used to be like you. I understand what it’s like when people know they can rely on you, so they always come to you for help, and you can’t seem to say no to them because you don’t want to turn them away; especially when you know that you can help them. Helping people is not a bad thing, but doing it at the expense of your mental health is most certainly a bad thing.

  • Keep track of Your Time

Not having enough time to fulfill all your responsibilities often means that you’re not managing your time properly. A fun way of doing that is by journaling. Get in the habit of planning your days, weeks and months. A well-organized person is never disappointed by the circumstances. Always have a “plan B”. Know that your time is valuable and be careful about where you spend it.

  • Calm Down…

You are still learning your way through life. Just because you have grown into an adult doesn’t mean that you understand adult life all too well. Life is like a game, and as your skill at living increases so does this game’s difficulty level. Stay calm and collected, and know that nothing is permanent – not even your stress OR the stressor. I promise you’ll get through it.

I hope these tips prove helpful to you. Have a great day!

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