Fun and healthy summer activities your kid can try this summer

Mama! I am getting bored….

Why beta? This is your summer break and it’s just the second week….

The above dialogue represents a common student’s life during their summer break. It is just the wastage of some good young energy of adolescents and young adults. Also, it is not their fault too. They are looking for something new, fun and exciting to try and learn this summer, but at the end of the day they are not getting an opportunity, or they are not trying hard enough. This is when boredom strikes. So like any other vacation, your child just wastes their long summer break staring at their electronic devices, wasting not only their time and energy but also their talent and skills which they could discover this summer.

But there is always a way out, isn’t it? If you don’t want the above things to happen, read further about Fun and healthy summer activities by Etutorworld your kid can try this summer.

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Bond with Family

Unfortunately, you only get one summer break a year. So this is the time around the year when your teen and you are under the same roof for most of the time. You won’t get a better time during the year than this to bond. Following are some of the strategies which will help:

1. Enjoy at games – For starters, it would be great if you begin with contests and competitions among the family members. Housie, taboo or other board games will be great and will also keep your kid and you busy for hours. Even so, there will be a sense of healthy competition developing in your child. Having an old-fashioned board game night is not a bad deal. Also, you can even take it to the next level by playing outdoor sports together. By outdoors, I mean water balloon fight would also be a great option.

2. Spend some quality time together – Spending time is something, and spending quality time is something else. Read new recreational novels together. It will open up your intellect. Watch movies together. Every now and then hit the local theatres and enjoy. Spending an afternoon watching clouds or a family picnic will also be fun.

3. Make food fun – You can cook together. It can be ice creams or sandwiches, all is fun. You can even organize a barbeque with all of friends and family.

Plan for the Whole of Summer

Planning projects for a day or two is fine, but not that productive and fun. If you plan for the whole of summer you not only get to keep yourself busy but also, enjoy and learn at the same time. Following are a few tips:

Gardening – If your teen enjoys gardening then why not give it a try. Tell him to make his own garden in your backyard and take care of it every day. It has a lot of benefits like emotional well-being, and other surprising benefits.

Volunteer or start your own – This basically means to get a job. He can volunteer, intern, or start a business of its own. For example – babysitting, taking dogs for a walk or anything like that. This will also add up to his pocket money and he will also learn things like budgeting.

Work on his weak points – I have often seen parents getting scared of brain-drain in kids during summers. You don’t want to be one of them. Instead, you should utilize this time to work on the weak points of your kids. For example, I was very weak in Geometry during my childhood. Therefore, my mom got me enrolled in this Summer Geometry Course, and guess what, Geometry has been my favourite subject since then.

Promote Physical Activities

Being lazy and lethargic will be the outcome if you don’t devote yourself during physical activities and sports during summer. We all know how important it is. Let your teen get involved in such sports. Riding bike, swimming or sports in which he/she is interested in, will make it fun for him. The basic idea is to make fitness fun. You can also try different activities together like evening walks, or a swimming session.

Spend Time with Friends

We are coming to an end of this article with this point as this is the point which would make your teen the happiest. We all know the importance of maintaining healthy relationships. Friends are the first kind of relations our kids choose for themselves. Summer break does not mean you need to have a break at it too. With your support, your ward can enjoy and spend some quality time with his friend too.

Call his/her friend(s) over

This will make your child exceptionally happy. You can plan with him when to call them over or you can have them in with a surprise visit. You can organize events such as house parties, or you can let the bunch out for movies or food. All sounds great. You can also drive them to the beach nearby.

These are a few tips that can help you keep entertained during the long summer breaks alongside making the most out of it!

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