Best Paraphrasing Tools for Writers

A lot of blogs fail to create a positive impression in front of the readers. This happens due to a number of reasons. One of them is submission of copied content. Paraphrasing is a tough task and a lot of writers fail to complete it properly. Let us go through an example to gain more understanding. Consider that you have to write a blog of 2000 words on marketing aspects. It is obviously a challenging task to write such a quality blog with this word count. It requires a lot of concentration. For blog writers, using a quality paraphrasing tool is important to produce quality content.

Best Paraphrasing Tools for Writers

Why use a paraphrasing tool?

The biggest reason to use a paraphrasing tool is cutting down the workload. When you are paraphrasing the content manually, you have to go through each and every line. This means putting in a lot of time. If you are working on a lengthy assignment, it would be hard to meet the timeline. Hence, using a paraphrasing tool is the best way out.

Here are some recommended paraphrasing tools which you should use.


This tool has a simple set of controls so any user can use it without facing difficulties. You do not have to go through a very lengthy procedure to paraphrase the content. When you complete the required steps, you would know about the content sections which require rephrasing. This is much easier than going through each line and checking the content originality.

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End to End paraphrasing without any mistakes

When you talk about paraphrasing, there is no room for error. If you have checked the content completely but some sections have not been paraphrased properly, the entire submission would be counted as plagiarized. This paraphrasing tool is a complete solution for users who don’t want to spend time on rewriting. It is not easy to compile content from different sources, rewrite it and make the submission on time. Using a paraphrasing tool is a much better alternative. This tool rewrites each and every line so that users do not have to put in effort.

No usage restrictions applied

A lot of paraphrasing tools claim to offer free usage to the users. However, when you go through the conditions, you would figure out that things are not as simple as they seem. Most of these tools offer free usage for few features only. Other than that, this usage is for a limited span of time only. Once this time period reaches expiry, a paid version has to be purchased. This tool is completely free without any conditions being applied. There are no limitations on the features to be used as well. All the features can be used as many times as the user wishes to.

Easy to use for all kinds of users

A lot of students do not have abundant technical knowledge to use complex technological applications. This paraphrasing tool does not require any form of advanced technical knowledge. The controls are very simple and any user can use them without going through any difficulty. In addition to that, the checking process does not require a lot of time. This is something that most students prefer. As they have tight deadlines, they aim at saving as much time as possible. This tool is quick and paraphrases large content pieces in small time frames. If you are a student, submitting your assignment on time would be the key priority for you. If you are using this tool, a lot of time would be saved and meeting deadlines would not be a problem.


If you have to download a paraphrasing application and then use it, additional effort would be needed. You would only be able to use the application on the computer or smart device on which it has been installed. This tool is completely online so no time has to be spent on installations.

  • Getting hold of a dependable free tool is a major concern for students. You may get hold of a tool that is free but for a small time frame only. This is a problem because after few days, the tool would have to be purchased. You can use this online tool for free without following any conditions.
  • No need to be tech savvy to use this tool. Even if you have basic knowledge of using applications, it would be easy for you to use this tool. There are two text boxes and the content which has to be paraphrased should be pasted in this box. Once you click the “paraphrase button”, the content would be paraphrased. The paraphrased content would be plagiarism free in every way so you can submit it without any further checking.
  • It takes a lot of energy and effort if you want to paraphrase content without the use of a tool. All this effort can be saved if you use this tool.

Check-plagiarism Paraphrasing tool

This tool is free of cost and preferred by a lot of users. You can perform as many checks as you want without making payments for anything. Students who cannot afford to buy paid versions of tools find this tool very beneficial.

  • This is an easy to use tool so no time has to be spent on exploring the options. You need to start by pasting the content that needs to be checked. The tool is quick and as soon as the content has been pasted, the rewriting process would be started. You would get a unique content piece without wasting long precious hours.
  • Blog writers have to prepare multiple posts on similar topics. It is not easy to produce several scratch written articles at the same time when a tight deadline is hovering over the head.

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