TOP Must-Have Apps for Kids Under 5!

When it comes to different modern gadgets, they can be really helpful when you want your kids stay busy for some time. Do you give a tablet or a smartphone to your 5-years-old daughter when you are driving a car? Modern gadgets and gaming apps grab kids’ attention and give you more free time for doing your work. Of course, parents often use educative and entertaining apps when traveling or just have a long drive. TPA car rentals give you a perfect car for your trip. But comfortable car cannot make your kids busy for long. So, it’s time to relax and allow your kid an hour or two for playing games.

Here is the question: which are the best apps for toddlers?

1. Endless Alphabet

This teaching app is a perfect helper for kids under 5. It looks like a funny puzzle and your kids should move the letters and form simple words. What is more, every move makes a sound. When you form a word or put two or more letters together you can hear the word and repeat it. So, small kids have a chance to learn letters and older kids can practice reading and word building.

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2. Musical Hands

This interesting app is the simplest music making game for babies and toddlers. What to do? Just touch the screen and hear the sound. There are different modes to produce different sounds of piano, guitar, and other instruments. Colorful bars look great and burst every time you press it right.

3. Monkey Lunchbox

This game is a perfect activity for preschoolers. If your kid is already 2 years old, you can play it. How? This educative app is illustrative of colors, letters, shapes, counting, and reading. The game plot is simple. Your kid is asked to help the monkey solve puzzles, read, count fruits. If you do right, you receive a sticker. The game is good for both, Android and iOS platform per $2.

4. Wheels on the Bus App

What kind of game is it? This bright app is named after the popular kiddy song and helps in counting. The recommended age is 2-4 years old. All games that are represented in the app are funny and bright. You are offered to match letters, find hidden objects, happy counting. There is much to do!

5. Starfall ABCs

You can get this app for free for Android. According to its name, this is a great app for toddlers learning ABC. The app includes different games and activities in matching letters, puzzling, making up the words, and phonetics.

6. Eli Explorer

Do you want to find an app which is able to learn and entertain? This is it! Parents need to know that Eli Explorer is a perfect game-box for preschoolers. It is good for teaching letters, words, and phrases. By the way, your kids are offered to learn new languages, as many as they want. Eli is a funny rabbit. It guides you through different countries and languages.

7. Five Little Monkeys

Do you remember a popular song about monkeys? This app is good for 2 years old kids. They do know the song about monkeys. The game plot is simple and humorous. Just make your kid tap the monkey and he falls off the bed. Then, give the monkey mom call for a doctor. As you can see, the game is primitive and free to use. Of course, you have a chance to learn the song.

8. Music Sparkles

What a great music app for young learners! Actually, this is a musical instrument made of two: xylophone and drums. You can upgrade the app and get more instruments to use. This is a good idea to introduce kids to different instruments. Your kid feels like a music maker or just can play and record playing. The interface is pleasant and colorful, good for kids started from 4.

9. Very Hungry Caterpillar

What do you think this app about? This is a complex of funny activities based on a famous caterpillar song. This app cannot teach your reading. But it involves your kids into different adventures. They learn fast reacting, controlling, singing. There are natural lessons, science training. This unique app gives as much information as you can ask for!

Sure enough, there is an app that your kids go crazy about. You can add it in the comments below and tell us why and what this app about. You can surf the internet and find millions of apps and kiddy games. Try to read their description carefully and then give them a try. Don’t worry if you have to pay a dollar or two. It is not a big price for the whole complex of attractions the app offers to your kid. If you are not ready to pay, it is not a problem to find a worthy app for free. And then, you have something special to entertain your kids when you are busy with your romantic dinner or road trip.

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