Top 5 Kitchen Design Trends in 2019

Kitchens serve only two purposes – meal preparation and washing cutlery. Today, the kitchen is the focal point of any home. It brings people together each day.

In the past, people preferred having their kitchens outside or at the back of their house. Modern-day people prefer to have their kitchen at the center of their homes.

Thanks to technology and innovative craft makers, there are now hundreds of kitchen designs you can copy and take advantage of in your own house.

Smart Kitchen

Technology has brought so many fancy appliances that you can use in your kitchen. You can even integrate the latest technology into your devices and lighting fixtures.

Are you looking to redesign your kitchen? You can start by adding motion sensor kitchen faucets. A refrigerator that raises the alarm anytime you are out of grocery stock, is also a great add-on. How about gadgets that analyze your produce and tell you if they are almost near expiry?

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Let’s not forget a virtual assistant app like Alexa that you can incorporate into your fixtures whenever you leave and enter the room.

Cabinet Colors

The white cabinets that gave your kitchen a royal look back in the days are now outdated. The biggest problem with the kitchen is that it regularly stains. Once stained, your kitchen will start to look dirty.

Fret no more because black cabinets are here.

It will surprise you how the black kitchen cabinets give your kitchen a feeling of luxury. However, be careful that the color does not overpower your kitchen design because it will make your kitchen feel dark and gloomy. You can learn how to blend kitchen colors with arts colleges North Carolina.

Streamlined Designs

Upper wall cabinets have become outdated. Wouldn’t you want an open visual that creates a prominent appearance? Good thing, sleek kitchen materials, and designs have become more popular as it gives the kitchen a stress-free atmosphere. Simplicity is all about this design.

Quartz Reigns

Quartz is the king when it comes to high-end countertops. The content is hard and long-lasting. The only worry was the lack of variety. However, manufacturers are now offering a range of colors and designs. The trending pattern is a favorite among homeowners because they prefer neutral colors, such as gray and taupe finishes.

If you want to know more about how to design kitchen with quartz, Arts Colleges North Carolina gives guidance on this matter.

New Appliance Styles

Gone are the days when house appliances were grey, white, and black. Manufacturers are now inventing devices with a variety of colors. You can keep your kitchen on top of the trending game by getting an appliance with unique colors.

The current most stylish kitchen stoves are ruby red and bright blue. Not only are the colors changing, but the features of the machines are now advancing. For instance, the French oven is now on the trend. With this oven, you can control it by using your smartphone.

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