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How to organize your office relocation like a pro

Businesses move their offices mostly because a change in the physical location offers better opportunities such as a wider pool of employees in the future location, improved market opportunities, reduced costs of operations, and/or an upgrade of facilities.

Since the process is tasking, here are some tips on how to plan and organize an office or business move:

1. No more procrastination, start now!

We can’t emphasize enough the need to start with the conceptualizing and planning as early as possible. Create a timeline and checklist that will help you figure out the essential aspects of the move and how long it would take.

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Additionally, the checklist will also help you organize tasks like packing materials, labeling items and documents, getting rid of or shredding unwanted documents, and checking inventories.

This would also cut across getting the staff to supervise the move at both locations and notifying everyone you do business with about the same, your and what it means for all the parties moving forward.

2. Get the new place ready

To get the most of the office space for rent Seattle, you need to get your new place ready before you start moving. Get as much info as you can about the new place and check out the layout to identify areas and potential issues that need to be worked upon or adjusted to. Once these have been identified, proceed to fix them, wherever necessary.

3. Set up a team

You need to set up a team that will be responsible for executing the move. Aggregate this unit from different departments and have them create a compilation of tasks that need to be completed.

This will help you coordinate a seamless move, identify issues, and provide solutions that may arise in the course of it. To get the best out of your team, it is best to have regular meetings that will help assess the state of the movement and iron out any issues that arise.

4. Get a budget

Like with every other part of your business operations, you will need to stick to your budget for moving. After getting an office space for rent in Seattle, for example, try to get as many quotes and estimates from several moving and relocation firms.

This will help you determine the costs that would be involved, insurance policy, recycling and/or disposal of waste, and getting the new place ready. Reconciling these costs to your budget is an essential part of the relocation process.

5. Contract the best movers

Based on your review of the quotes and statements from the firms in the moving business, you should be able to hire the movers that are best suited to your needs. Have them visit both locations (current and future), as part of the preparations for the transit.

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Getting a great office to relocate to, is a critical part of moving your business because of the potential that the move offers. Office Finder offers you the best helping hands with getting you to those lovely offices in Seattle that suit your needs like a glove- No worries, no hassles.

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