Is It Right To Work While Studying?

College education is important. It has also been getting increasingly expensive over the years. Many people have taken out loans to pay for their college education, and student loan debt currently stands at billions. Nowadays, a growing number of college students are looking for part-time work to help fund their studies, and this is raising concern.

There is no verdict on whether working while studying is right or wrong. It has its advantages and disadvantages, as explained by educators at IBuyEssay.

Advantages Of Working While Studying

The most significant advantage of working while studying is the opportunity to make money. Working several hours a day part-time will earn you a handsome paycheck that will go a long way. Many students use the money to help pay for their education so that they don’t have to take out huge loans that will cripple them financially in the future. The money also meets daily expenses and even affords a student small luxuries such as touring.

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Other advantages of working while studying are as follow:

  • You Gain Vital Experience

One of the key requirements in most job listings is an experience. That is why most college students become interns before looking for full-time employment.

A part-time job would be a great entry in your resume and CV. It is proof of experience and a sense of responsibility. In fact, many employers favor first-time job applicants who had experience working while studying. College students do not get the luxury to choose their jobs. However, it would be helpful if you would look for a job related to your current discipline of study as it will resonate better with future potential employers.

Working while studying can also help you nurture and develop entrepreneurial skills. You can forego employment altogether and start your own business based on your experience while working and studying.

  • It Builds Work Ethics And Nurtures Responsibility

Studying takes a lot of diligence and focus in spite of the misconception about ‘rowdy’ college life. Working while studying, however, takes all that and more.

It takes a strong character to juggle college studies and part-time work. College students are often faulted for downplaying essential issues in life. Working, however, exposes you to mainstream life and gets you in touch with ongoing problems. It gets you prepared for life beyond college earlier than students who don’t work while studying. You get to gain vital work ethics and come to terms with personal responsibility.

  • It Helps Deal With The Chaotic College Life

There is some truth to what people say about college life. Students often get rowdy and switch over to the fast lane. There is nothing wrong with this as long as you balance all your responsibilities. However, not all students can cope with the hectic college life. The best way out should be something creative – something like a part-time job.

The Shortcomings

The greatest problem of working while studying is juggling your responsibilities. You need to set aside enough time to study; otherwise, you will fail. That would beat the purpose of a college education as your career options would be limited. Working not only eats up some of your time but also drains your energy and inhibits your concentration.

Another shortcoming of working while studying is that it gets in the way of your social life. When you are not studying, you will likely be working. You will not have enough time for your friends. You will also miss out on many exciting events in college. Extra-curricular activities, such as sports will also be hampered. You may end up missing out on many great opportunities that college life has to offer away from the classroom.

If you have to work while studying and are concerned about balancing the two, it is prudent to take on flexible jobs. Working online is gaining popularity with students, and there are lots of money-making opportunities. You get to work at your own time and on your own terms, and you never have to leave the college gate to get to work.
There are advantages and shortcomings in working while studying. Some students have no choice but to work to meet their financial needs. But remember – there is nothing wrong with working through college as long as you balance your job and studies.

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