Ten High Paying Career Options For Felons

Ten High Paying Career Options For Felons

A lot of companies today will not hire individuals with a criminal record for one reason or another. However, everyone deserves a second chance despite the social tendency to overlook willing, determined and energetic workforce out there who are often more motivated hard workers. If getting employed isn’t happening for you, there are other opportunities one can seek to make a living without his/her criminal record getting in the way.

Highest Paying Careers For Felons

There are a lot of people out there looking for legitimate ways to make money, and they have a criminal record. We’ve put together a list of jobs that could pay considerable money some with low start-up costs, others with the on the job training and some that will require some certification from a recognized education institution.

Truck Driver

The most important thing you’ll need for this job is a commercial driving license, commitment to hard work and willingness to spend days away from your home. Without being accepting to those conditions which affect your lifestyle disqualifies you for this job. However, you could earn up to $45000 per year with enough determination that’s why most truck drivers prefer to work overtime up to 14 hrs per day. On the other hand, make sure the employer drafts a written employment contract and includes the number of hours or days per week that you’ll spend at home with your family.


Another great career path is freelancing, it doesn’t require specific experience, skill or situation, and it’s suitable for everyone. You only need a computer and a good internet connection to get started. Through freelancing, you can make money as a graphic designer, writer, sales agent and more. Your success will depend on your skills and how much work effort you put in every day. Also, you must be willing to learn new things somas to become the best at what you do.


Also known as a jack of all trades, becoming a handyman is another good direction to take for a felony who can work as a fixer doing different kinds of home repair jobs. That can be interior or exterior fix-up tasks such as plumbing, maintenance, and any other common household issue.


Even though the chances are slim, one can get a job in the military even with a felony record. If the army decides to waive its enlistment conditions and the ex-offender passes the physical and mental tests, then one can get a chance to join the army.


Choosing carpentry is a good option for an ex-convict who wishes to start over and earn a decent living. If you have got the necessary skills, you can employ yourself and start creating

your products, market and sell them. For one who doesn’t have the skills but has the passion, taking carpentry classes could help. Most carpenters can earn up to $46,000 per year, and like any other business, you’ll have to figure out ways to grow it and make a profit.


Just like carpentry, welding is also a rewarding career path for a felony. However, it does require skills and experience, so if you don’t have that; training will be helpful. For a new felony, you could earn a minimum of $25000 per year and $42,000 for the experience. The most important thing is to have the willingness to train and do minor welding jobs. You can start by repairing broken pieces of metals and train in the process. With enough experience, you’ll be able to get a job at an automotive shop or construction of buildings or bridges.


The good thing about marketing jobs is that you can do it online and help companies sell products to their target customers. You’ll have to do market research on the demand for your employer’s products and by using that information you can create attention-grabbing advertisements. Over time you’ll be able to build a solid profile and increase profit for yourself.

HVAC/R Technicians

Working as an HVAC/R technicians’ offers you a wide range of areas to work, including schools, hospitals, offices, homes, hospitals, and factories. You’ll help to replace, install and repair air conditioning, ventilating and heating systems.


Becoming a landscaper is also a good starting point for a felony who is ready to take on gardening and landscaping jobs. Unlike other careers that may require a continuous process, landscaping is a felony friendly job, and you can start by taking jobs from your neighbors or any other person in your locality.


Even though most people don’t always bring it up, cooking is another felony friendly job that doesn’t require an academic qualification to get. Some restaurants will hire you without asking for a culinary certification, but it’s important to research and watch YouTube videos as a way of improving your cooking skills.

Job hunting for felonies doesn’t have to be so hard that’s why jobs for felonies online have created a job board for felons comprised of several companies that hire felons and the positions available.

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