DIY Bathroom Curtain Using Round Rings 5 Simple Steps

DIY Bathroom Curtain Using Round Rings 5 Simple Steps

The bathroom is an essential room in any home. This is a place that needs a lot of careful attention to detail in every way. Doing so allows the room to shine. If you are thinking about redoing an existing bathroom or putting in a new bathroom entirely, you’ll want to think about everything in the room with you. One of the most important objects in your room is the curtains. Curtains serve many purposes in the bathroom. They help keep in the warmth. They also prevent water from spilling over the edge. When it comes to thinking about curtains, you can buy lots of different items off the shelves.

You can also make your own. Making your own curtains is surprisingly easy. All you need are a few items and you’re in business. A set of curtains can be totally personalized for your needs. For example, if you like a certain pattern, you can find fabric with that pattern and turn it into great bathroom curtains. You can also take any kind of material and use it in the bathroom for those curtains. Using stainless steel hardware that resistant to water and still looks good is an ideal way to make your bathroom come alive.

Measure the Space

The first thing to do is to measure that space well. You are looking for a good measurement that makes sure the curtain fits properly. Measure the size of the space from top to bottom. You also want to measure it across as well. Think about how it is going to hang from the top of the curtain rod when you use it. It should not fall past the edge of the tub or designated shower space.

Pick a Fabric

Think about the kind of fabric that appeals to you in every way in the bathroom first. You might want a print that can serve as a focal point even in a relatively smaller space. It can also serve to show off the theme you’ve chosen with your use of accessories. Many people love a solid colored shower curtain. This can serve to help unify the space and offer a large expanse of color. Look for fabrics that have been made waterproof in some way before hanging. These are the best choice for any shower curtain fabric.

Put in Holes

Holes need to be in the fabric in order to have a place for the rings to hang properly. It’s best to do this carefully. Measure about five centimeters from the top of the fabric. Then, take a ruler. Divide the fabric into however many round rings you have on hand. For example, if you have ten rings, you’ll want to divide the fabric into ten different parts along the edge you intend to use to hang that fabric on the curtain rung. Even spaced areas are a must. Then, you can gently punch a hole in each area so that it will hang properly. Leave a centimeter in place that you can sew around.

Add Grommets

Grommets are a useful thing to keep on hand when it comes to using the curtains. The grommets are there to protect the holes you’ve put in place. Place the grommet tape across the holes you’ve created in the fabric. This will serve to make sure you can put the grommets in place properly. Take the fabric and bring it to your sewing machine. Your goal is to craft circles in the fabric that can hold the grommets in place. Once completed, you can put the grommets in place to keep the curtains up.

Hang it Properly

After the grommets are in place, you can make a hem at the bottom of the curtain fabric. This will keep the curtains from sliding down too much and add a polished look to the final product. A five-centimeter hem should be more than enough to make sure it all looks good when it’s on the rod. Have a look for any stray bits of fabric that are hanging amiss and cut them off. Then you can take the bathroom curtains and slip them across the top of the curtain rod.

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