Stay Fit with Metal Detecting

Stay Fit with Metal Detecting

If you have just stepped into the world of metal detecting then you might be unaware of the fact that it is so much more than just hitting the jackpot. You may be getting the same adrenaline rush in your local area playland when you hit the jackpot but are you sure that’s the only thing you want? Metal detecting not only gives you an adrenaline rush on every beep but with every step you take and every time you step out in Mother Nature your body gets to work out.

Metal Detecting is the perfect outdoor hobby for all ages. The activity is so easy to learn and get acquainted with that even the senior citizens don’t have a hard time getting the hang of it. The appealing element of this hobby is that the ticket to its entry is cheaper than many other and the rewards can be literally anything!

It is necessary for us to make sure that our mind and body both are always taken care of because if anything goes wrong either physically or mentally it can have a lasting effect on your life. Life has become so monotonous that nothing seems to excite anyone that’s why if you get involved in something like metal detecting you will be able to keep yourself on a healthy track and an exciting one too!

As you begin your adventure of this enthralling experience the first thing you do after buying your equipment is looking for the best sites to go hunting. As we discuss the best sites we will also discuss how it helps us stay fit and connected to our environment keeping us healthy.

The best places to go hunting and their role in keeping us fit


The most famous and popular site among detectorists is beaches. Beaches are the hub of human activities and not just now they have been popular since the beginning of times as a famous recreational spot. People may have dropped a ring, chain some coins and so much more on their day trip to the beach which makes it the perfect spot for a hungry detectorist. While you’re at the beach hunting you also get to exercise either by taking a long walk along the coast while you search or when you take a short swimming break to calm yourself.

The sound of crashing waves connects you to nature even more because most beaches don’t have cellular connections. So not only your body is detoxifying your mind is benefiting from it. Moreover, research has associated lower levels of anxiety and stress after visits to beaches. It may get a little dirty in the sand but trust sand is the best natural exfoliator, obviously once you rinse!

Quick Tip: Make sure you have a waterproof metal detector if you plan on taking it to beaches.


Fields will be one of the most interesting hunting trips for you and your family. The greenery of the fields and the idea of getting close to what we eat in itself is so exciting. This can be the perfect weekend getaway. Not only can you pick your own vegetables but you can also make sure that you chose the best and healthiest crops for yourself.


Churches are the best places to find old coins and historical relics as most of the churches were built a long time ago. Some were built even many centuries ago, making them the prime location for finding anything regarding the regional history.

Deserted Towns

Deserted towns are an unpopular location but they are amazing for group excursions. You can either hike or take your car to some old deserted town and then get on your feet and get hunting! Going with a group is the ideal way to keep yourself fit and involved in physical activities.

Almost all of these locations require you to take long walks but the reason that we stress upon such places is mere because of the huge benefits of walking. Walking reduces the risk of heart disease and strokes. It increases cardiovascular and pulmonary fitness while reducing body fat. People suffering from severe conditions such as hypertension, high cholesterol, joint, and muscular pain or stiffness, and diabetes have shown a considerable amount of improvement.

Moreover, walking 30 minutes every day has been proven to improve your overall health by a considerable amount. By adding metal detecting to your daily walk routine you won’t only be making your day more fun and lively but you can also make this a good social outing with your friends or family.

The whole activity has different stages that keep all parts of your body in great movement. The constant squatting and digging make your legs and arms both strong without you even feeling too tired.

Nonetheless, whatever we do if our mind is not at peace it hardly makes a difference if we are involved in rigorous physical activity. Surprisingly enough, metal detecting has been known to help people with mental health problems. As you continually go out to different places, a change in the environment always changes your mood too. A change of environment has been known to help with depression, metal detecting is the perfect way to constantly change your environment.

Similarly going out on activities such as this usually involves more people. If you don’t have friends or family who might be interested you can join a group of individuals already doing so. This way you will be able to make new friends and bring a definitive change in your mood. You will be focused on finding something, this way your attention from your daily life problems will be diverted into something else.

As you become mentally fit, the chances of you becoming physically fit also increase as there is a complex and interconnected system of hormones that maintains your wellbeing.

Just make sure before you embark on this compelling journey you have the right equipment and research. Apart from that, permission to hunt on public or private property because you definitely can’t go snooping around. Be well acquainted with the law and the local police for your own benefit.

Happy Hunting Detectorists!

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