Guide to Writing a College Term Paper Outline

Guide to Writing a College Term Paper Outline

Each student is obliged to carry out at least one research during their course. It is primarily about term papers. They raise anxiety and fear in student minds. Students are already worried because of the huge workload and lack of time. And the necessity to hand in another assignment pulls their spirits down. And even more frequently students have no idea as to the rules of term papers writing.

That’s why we face the situation when a student suddenly realizes that there’s no time left. The major part in such a situation seeks help and finds it in – service, which offers academic assistance in various subjects and types of papers. If you understand that your term paper will get a bad grade, write to our managers. Leave any message, for example, “write my papers” and wait. Let professionals do their work!

What Constitutes a Term Paper?

A term paper is a kind of research, that should be written by a student at the graduate or undergraduate level or sometimes at both. The student must write this work during the semester and submit along with examinations at the end of the semester. Although the rules vary from university to university. This work is usually devoted to the subject, which is the student’s specialization. Before you start writing. it’s necessary to clarify some important aspects or characteristics of a good term paper:

  • Successful topic. It should be relevant to the student’s specialization and be up-to-date. Choose something that will interest readers and catch their attention. It’s good if the problem is topical, but not well understood.
  • Formulated thesis statement and aim of the research. These aspects should be logical and formulated in such a way that they will help to interest the reader. The thesis is just an accusation that should be justified or denied.
  • The more sources a student uses – the better. Every term paper should contain a review of the literature. The main thing is to use relevant research, conducted by well-known universities and academicians. Show your commitment.
  • The research should be logical. Follow the structure, present your arguments step-by-step.
  • Comprehensiveness. Your term paper must be all-embracing. It means that you should try to capture all the important aspects of the chosen topic.

How to Write a Good Outline?

As it was already mentioned, the research should be logical. And there’s hardly a person, who can clearly arrange the information without the plan. Especially when it comes to the term paper, which isn’t a simple essay. A term paper is a serious work, which is about 10 or more pages long. A good outline is the basis of effective work. It can help to save a lot of time. But to write a term paper outline is a separate art. Follow the instructions to create a top-notch outline:

  1. Select the topic. It’s the first step in any research. But your task isn’t only to choose it and forget. Be sure that you know the subject you write about. If not, devote some time to explore it carefully.
  2. Familiarize with the teacher’s instructions. They often contain the information about the recommended formatting style, the recommendations as for the presence/absence of some elements. But there are the main elements of the plan, which present in any format: introduction, main body, and conclusion. It’s a generalized structure.
  3. Start writing. In case when you’ve already known roughly the methods, which you’ll use, the results and everything connected with paper, start your outline. It should look like the following:
    1. Title Page. It’s the first page, which should contain your name, the topic, the course name, and date. The content depends on the formatting style you use.
    2. Abstract. It’s a short summary of the work, no longer than half of the page. Quickly state the problem, methods, and results of your term paper.
    3. Introduction. It includes the thesis statement, aims, and tasks of the study. Try to catch the reader’s attention. Explain the significance of the problem in today’s environment.
    4. Body. It’s the biggest part of the research. It consists of several components:
      1. An overview of the literature. Include a brief description of the research and books you’ve used.
      2. Methods. Explain how you’ve conducted the study and how you’ve come to the results.
      3. Results. This part should present the research findings. Be sure to include the tables and additional info that’ll explain and confirm your findings.
    5. Conclusion. Your task here isn’t to present something new to the audience, but to explain what you’ve withdrawn from this work? Quickly overview the whole paper. You may consider the problem solved or express the need for further research.
    6. Bibliography. List the literature.

The outline for your research paper should look like the enumeration of the paragraphs with short notes under each one. You may use the help of a term paper writing service at any time. The writers can create the perfect outline as well as top-notch paper, based on it.

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