5 Ways to Know if You’ve Found the Right House

5 Ways to Know if You've Found the Right House

Finding the right house isn’t always as easy as it seems. It’s an exciting process, that’s sure. After all, you’re in search of your dream home!

Find one in the right price range and in the area where you desire to live. And, it should include certain features you’re after. For example, you could be focused on finding a house with a nice view overlooking the mountains.

Hiring a realtor certainly can help, but still, putting in an offer is ultimately up to you. When you finally have a shortlist of some of your favorite homes in the area, how do you know if you’ve found the right one?

Here are five ways to know if you’ve found the right house so that making a decision is easier!

1. It Suits Your Living Needs

A house should suit your living needs and have the number of rooms you want. If you’d prefer to live in a single level home, that should be a priority as well.

If you’d like to have a home built, you might consider getting a manufactured home. A home like this would give you all sorts of options. A few are making structural changes and designing it how you’d like.

As you continue your house-hunting quest, think about the yard. If you want a low maintenance yard, it’s better if you buy one with rocks instead of grass and plants.

You may be willing to compromise in some cases, but try to find a home that checks off almost everything on your list. You don’t want to have any regrets down the road!

2. You Love the Area

When getting a house, making sure you’re okay with the area. If you’re working and aren’t retired yet, it should be close to your place of employment.

If being close to grocery stores are essential to you, take that into account as well.

Don’t go with a house because you really want it but it’s not in the right area. You may think that it’ll work to commute for an hour each day, but in time, you could regret your decision.

So, work hard to ensure that your house will be within close vicinity to where you’re working.

Keep searching for a home that looks great and is in an area that fulfills other needs, such as being close to a park.

If it helps, write a list of what your must-haves are for the area near your home.

3. It’s Within Your Budget

Throughout your house hunt, you’ll come across beautiful and expensive homes. While you may be tempted to put in an offer, stick to finding a home that’s within your price range.

Remember that there will be other “hidden” expenses. A few costs may be such as paying homeowner’s insurance or repairing the roof from a storm.

If you live in a hurricane or fire-prone area, consider that as well. You never know what mother nature could cook up in the future.

Paying for extra insurance, such as for floods, might be a good idea, but it’s expensive. And if you go ahead and buy a house that’s already beyond your budget, you can get yourself into financial trouble.

4. It Feels Like Home

Beyond a home being within your budget and fulfilling other necessities, it should also “feel” like home.

You get a good feeling the moment you open the door and envision living there. The furniture in your mind looks excellent in the room. And you can see yourself making memories in the house.

Even if the house requires some work, try to picture yourself in this dwelling place. Listen to your gut instead of just your head. If it seems like the perfect spot to hang your hat, then you’ve got your answer.

Of course, if you have a significant other, make sure they agree too. But if it has everything you’re looking for, don’t let it get away!

5. You Like the Neighbors

Beyond loving the house and neighborhood, see if you can meet the neighbors. You should feel comfortable with them because if you move in you’ll be seeing a lot of them.

Also, find out if the neighbors have any pets. It could be a problem if a dog is going to bark all the time. Or, you have a dog and don’t want any barking wars happening. So, it’s best to do your homework.

If possible, ask the current owners about the neighbors. Hopefully, they’ll be open and willing to fill you in on what type of neighbors you’d have if you bought the house.


After housing hunting for a while, you’ll have a shortlist of homes.

If you have a couple of favorites, comparing them won’t be easy. But at least now you have some ways to make deciding on the perfect home easier!

Follow your heart and go with a place you can see making memories with loved ones. A home is more than a dwelling place; it becomes a part of you!

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