5 Weekend Projects to Bring Out Your Inner Artist

5 Weekend Projects to Bring Out Your Inner Artist

We all look forward to our days off for different reasons, but if you’re trying to channel some creativity, the weekend is a perfect time!

It’s two days off with no demands and the expectation that you’re supposed to have fun. The circumstances are just right for a DIY project to bring out your inner artist to the surface.

Ready to get imaginative and spend some time immersed in the world of artistic home improvement? Try these five weekend projects to channel your crafty side!

1. Feed the Birds

If you love nature, building a bird feeder for your yard is a worthwhile project. Besides the enjoyment of watching all the birds as they flock to your yard for nutrition, there are many other benefits that go along with having a bird feeder.

For instance, children and adults in the home who want to learn about birds find watching them at the feeders to be a great educational experience. As you see new birds or frequent “flyers” coming by, you can look them up in an ornithology book or a web search.

Different birds travel to new regions seasonally. Your visitors will come and go as you learn about bird types, personalities, and behaviors.

Even better, birds are an excellent form of insect control! They’ll eat your seeds and nectar and then stay to enjoy the bugs for dessert. You won’t find a more engaging form of pest control!

Check out these easy homemade bird feeders from House Beautiful for your DIY weekend project.

2. Learn How to Vinyl Wrap

Electronics are a major investment that you want to take care of so they last a long time. One way to protect them from wear and tear is to add a vinyl wrap, also called a vinyl skin, to them.

Wraps protect your prized items from scratches, dents, and bumps. When you learn how to create vinyl skins, you can personalize all your possessions.

These wraps are commonly used for smartphones, laptops, and gaming consoles. You might also find them valuable for your controllers, drones, vaping devices, and tumblers. When you learn how to use vinyl wrap confidently, it makes a great gift!

Vinyl film adheres best to smooth, mostly flat surfaces. It can be used on rubber, wood, tiles, plastic, and many other materials.

For more about how to make custom skins and wraps as your next weekend project, check out this article by Mighty Skins.

3. Decoupage Old Furniture

The trending buzzword in the DIY art world is “mod podge,” also called “decoupage.” If you have a weekend in front of you to dedicate to creativity, learning this skill is fun and easy (but a bit messy).

Decoupaging is taking your old wood or laminate furniture and giving it a new lease on life. Many mod podge pros head to thrift shops for their pieces and then resell them for a profit.

As a beginner, you need to know the basics of mod podging. Once you have the furniture piece you want to redo, you follow the steps to get it ready for the ultimate decoupaging.

You’ll be cleaning, sanding, painting, and designing almost-new furniture. If that sounds like something up your alley, you can learn how to mod podge here.

4. Design Your Own Wallpaper

Peel-and-stick wallpaper has brought this wall covering back into popularity. Traditional wallpaper was cumbersome and messy. Removable alternatives have made it easy to cover plain walls and then take them down when you feel like it.

But DIYers with a crafty bone can design their own wallpaper instead of spending hundreds of dollars to redecorate their room.

You can make your design as simple as a pleasing geometric pattern or as complicated as a mural. If you aren’t comfortable creating your own artwork for your wall, you can always use a pre-made cotton fabric print.

Bob Vila gives you a permanent and a temporary way to make your own wallpaper here.

5. Reduce, Reuse, and Compost

Saving the world is a job for everyone, and you can do your part by learning how to compost this weekend.

Composting is part of the global move to organic, eco-friendly living. When you learn how to compost, you can grow your own produce right in your own yard.

To get started, you’ll need a compost bin. This is a basic DIY weekend project that you can make as simple or creative as you want.

Follow these steps to learn how to build your compost bin, and then explore the benefits and how to get started composting here.


No matter where your creative passion is, there’s a DIY weekend project for you! Check out these five projects that will bring out your inner artist and improve your home at the same time.

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