6 Top Ways To Power Your Video Marketing Campaigns On Instagram

6 Top Ways To Power Your Video Marketing Campaigns On Instagram

By this time, you should be aware of the fact that Instagram has recently come up with an update for videos. Now, users can share videos up to 60 seconds, rather than the existing limit of 15 seconds. This is assumed to be a great impetus for brands promoting their business on this platform. Also to mention that this social media giant allows users the features like video view counting and Slow-motion Potentials. Further, with the best Instagram video editor, you can create the most compelling Marketing Videos within the minimum time.

It stands beyond the scope of doubt that, over the last few years, Instagram has achieved some significant advancements. It is for this reason that, these days, brands are giving more and more important to promoting their business on this platform through the marketing videos. As the focus of this social media site majorly embraces Videos, it is needless to state that in the forthcoming years, brands will give more and more importance to promote their brands on this platform by marketing videos.

Today, popular brands embrace digital marketing to a higher extent as it enables them to establish the most effective communication with their target customers. The fact is, multiple types of research have accounted for the finding that, more than 50% of the videos on Instagram come from brands, rather than individual users. As such, this is the right time to start the integration of video marketing strategies with Instagram Videos.

The best strategies for Video Marketing on Instagram 

It is for the Photo features of Instagram that offer significant advantages to marketers online. On that, the incorporation of the Video feature is likely to enhance its value further. Therefore, it will make sense to discuss the best effective strategies for video marketing on this site.

You must create a visual portfolio 

A relevant picture goes miles ahead than pages of words. The fact is, a one-minute video has the potential to communicate more information than several thousand words. Now, depending on the type of industry that you serve, you require shooting videos themed on your recent works accomplished for your clients that you can share with your potential customers.

No matter, you own a café or you are dealing with confectioneries, or even if you are a professional beautician, aspiring to showcase your latest works, you can explore endless potentials with visual portfolios.

If you are looking for a worthy, promo video templates then InVideo is one application that you can opt for.

You must shoot product demos and revert to the FAQs

Rather than exhausting your time in answering questions from your customers, coming through email, and Twitter, it will make a better sense to list down the answers to the questions that you encounter frequently. Subsequently, you can shoot a small video for Instagram that will answer all those questions.

It is likely that, sometime, your customers will aspire to explore your products more closely. Though your video on Instagram can come up with answers to the questions that are general and are asked frequently, these advanced videos can answer further questions from your customers. The bonus in adopting this trick is that you and your target customers can even share these videos that other customers can follow. For sure, this approach is better than trying to answer the questions from your customers with tons of words.

Highlighting offers and special events are inevitable 

You might feel that a 60-second video is excessively long for a promotional video. As such, in case, you have some special offers for your customers, or you are about to host any special event, or you have some update on your products and services, you can use this slot for keeping your customers updated about such instances.

Simply by flipping the camera’s View Mode for recording a personal message that can aid in promoting any special events or offers, it will certainly enable you to personalize your video marketing strategies further.

Ideally, you must use the description field for highlighting the USP of your marketing videos that holds a relation to special events, offers as well as contests. Further, adding a Hashtag will enable you to retain the track of conversions.

Try to humanize the brand to the extent possible 

In contemporary times, social media have certainly blurred the ways, companies and its customers usually communicate. In the opinion of the experts, brands should focus on humanizing the brand to the optimum extent possible. This is the reason for which brands are trying to be the most transparent in their dealings with their customers.

Instagram Videos fetch a brand the chance to give the maximum human touch to its brand, upholding its culture, life at the workplace as well as the vision and mission of the company, intending to make the target customers a stakeholder of the business process. Besides, it helps a brand to make it stand unique and stand-alone establishing a clear edge over its competitors. Most importantly, as brands focus on developing a transparent relationship with their customers, of course, it will consolidate the relationship between the 2 parties.

Make the best use of Hashtags to gain more followers and Fans

It is possible to invite your fans and followers to submit an Instagram video, using a Hashtag that you nominate for promoting an event. In case, you already have a massive base of followers, this will be the best way to get better engagement with your followers. You can even think about rewarding the best user-generated video that will surely develop a better loyalty of the followers towards your brand.

Focus on enhancing the engagement with your followers on Facebook 

As it is possible to catch your Instagram videos on Facebook, it brings a wonderful chance for a brand to consolidate better engagement with their customers. Encourage your followers on Facebook to come up with questions, reviews as well as suggestions about improving your products and services.

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