6 Ways To Rekindle Passion In Your Marriage

Miss the fun, frolic and the passion that used to be there between you and your spouse in the initial years of your marriage? Craving for the long-lost connection and the sense of intimacy with your partner? Well, in that case, you have arrived at the right place, just stick with us till the end.

Every relationship doesn’t remain the same throughout. It is very important to realize that over time people change, situations change and most importantly priorities change.

Recent surveys suggest that the main reason behind the blurring of the passion between the two people in the marriage is that they spend very little quality time without their children. Be it, children, work or any other issue, it is okay to feel these changes.

Well, given below are some ways that will help you to rekindle that lost passion in your marriage. Try them out! I am pretty sure you won’t regret.

Change the way you treat yourself

A very important step that you can take in this direction is to start being self -compassionate. When your own mind and body is at peace, this energy largely impacts the vibe you share with your partner. The more you stress yourself, lesser are the chances of increasing the proximity with your partner.

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You could start with yoga and some regular mental exercises which will help in the restoration of peace of mind. Balanced mental health is very important to restore the spark in your married life.

Cut out the negative and embrace the positive

A very probable reason for the slow death of passion in the marriage can also be focusing only on the shortcomings of your partner that you have recognized over time. Staying with a person and dating him/her are two very different things. But in this case, you need to appreciate the good qualities of your partner.

Make it a point to remember the things about your spouse that made you fall for him in the first place. These traits are still there within him and you must appreciate him at regular intervals.

Initiate affectionate physical contact

What is better than an affectionate hug or a warm cuddle in his/her arms? A sensitive touch can be a sign of support and encouragement and undoubtedly it can mend so much. When you are so close to your spouse, you just have to look him in the eye, you would be able to spot the compassion and fondness. Try searching for the person you had first met and had fallen in love with.

Connect with open hearts

It is very important to have a meaningful conversation with your spouse about something that is conducive to the marriage rather than just talking about your kids, bills, and work. You have to be expressive about your concerns and your little victories and just master the art of listening.

Have discussions with open and broad minds with your spouse to understand his/her feelings and insecurities. Before initiating sexual intercourse, it is imperative to emotionally bond with each other. Ensure that you discuss all the sexual problems (if in case) and if necessary, contact a sex doctor in India too. Believe me, it’s easier when you confront your problems.

Spice things up in life and in the bedroom

Having fun and flirting with each other can ignite the lost spark in your marriage. Take a break from the daily monotony of life and do some fun and crazy things/ activities together. This will help you bond and also bring you both closer.

Try new things in the bedroom too. Spice it up with foreplay and allow some tension to build. Never hesitate to try out different things in the bedroom. Studies suggest being emotionally vulnerable during sex also improves the experience. Here are some amazing ideas for you to try.

Take out time for each other

In this modern era, everyone is busy with their own lives. With the advancement of technology, people might stay together under a roof but might seldom talk to each other. But always try to dig some time out of your schedule to spend some quality time with each other. Avoid all kinds of distractions during that time- smartphones, laptops or television. This time will solely be for the two of you to tune into each other.

Lastly, just remember when you vowed to spend the rest of your lives together, you also promised to sail through the tough times together – so just don’t give up, no matter what!

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