7 Tips To Throw Wedding Of Your Dreams On A Budget!

For many of us who are planning to throw a grand wedding with ultimate celebration, it’s important to make sure that you stay mindful of your earnest spendings. This will ensure that you have something more than just pictures when you start to build your life together as a couple. However, you can set the seal on and still create a special, stylish and memorable wedding without breaking your bank. We’ll show you just how.

Invitations, Save-the-date Cards, and “Thank You” Notes


Stationery is the first thing that a couple considers while organising a wedding. All those invitations, save-the-date cards and thank-you notes quickly add up your budget. If you are planning to opt for fancy, paper made invitations, we suggest that you scroll through the net to bag the best price point. You can also opt to go eco-friendly and digital with e-invitations, this will be light on your pocket, while you can also do your bit for the environment. Many companies online offer a choice of wedding e-cards and online RSVPs. So, save both your time as well as postage!

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Bridal Dress


It’s easy to overspend on your wedding dress. The best way to save your money on designer bridal wear is to attend designer trunk shows happening across India. This will help you to find the style that you’re looking for and also save you your moolah. Many designers offer discounts during their trunk shows which doesn’t mean that you’ll have to compromise with trend. This trunk shows also showcase the entire collection of the featured designer, which means it’s a win-win for you budget savvy brides! Trust us, you won’t be disappointed. All the designs in these events are couture-inspired and in-vogue but won’t break the bank.

Venue Scheduling Options

We all want to choose luxury wedding venue, how about we do that in budget? You can look out to save some money on your chosen venue by changing the time of the day. Changing the duration of your stay can also ease out your budget. For example, choosing a Friday afternoon or evening wedding or a Saturday brunch event can help you to cut the cost down. In case of timing, you can also consider booking a 3-4 hours event instead of stretching it to 5-7 hours, in order to save some more money.

Catering and Cake


Drinks on the menu are the most expensive section of a wedding. You can ask your venue organiser if you can bring your own booze, some places do allow it. You can even consider offering only wine and beer and one kind of signature drink without keeping the full bar on menu. You can compensate it by toasting a customary champagne which will help you trim the overall cost.

Similarly, for the meal – you can organize a sit down dinner with a few, selective cuisines on the menu which will work out a cheaper budget. To compensate for cut down courses, you can add a dessert buffet which will look fancy and also weigh light on your pocket. After all, who doesn’t love desserts!

Next pace to cut cost can be avoiding exotic fillings for your cake like guava or mango. You can also use fresh flowers for decoration on your cake instead of sugar-glass flowers and stay limited to a two-tier cake with  extravagant creativity. This will help you do some substantial savings.

Musical Moments


To add symphony to you wedding, you can consider hiring students or recent graduates instead to established singers. Trust us, you will be spoilt for choices amongst some really good, inspiring artists, pianists and string players. This will not just save your money but also get you some high quality service. They will make your wedding- a night to remember!

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Reception and Favors


Having your wedding and reception at the same venue also helps. It can save you a handful cash and also cut down your travel time and expense. Talking about wedding favors, they can really be sore. To keep yourself from throwing your money in this area, consider giving your wedding cake as wedding favor along with some pricey chocolates. Flavored olive oils are also well received by the guests and are very economical.

Use Professional Budgeting Tools

You can also make use of some professional budgeting tools which will identify the wedding areas by asking you a series of questions. It will list you a budget-friendly location with customized solutions befitting your unique style and financial situation. After all, you do need a guiding hand to keep your finances cool.

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