8 Tips To Help With Your Summer Depression

8 Tips To Help With Your Summer Depression

If you’re someone who suffers from anxiety and depression from time to time, you might look up your symptoms to determine a cause.

As a postmodern society, we try to find answers to everything we might not know about yet; our unconscious is one of those things. While many of us find countless situations that can be a trigger to our depressed state, you might be surprised that the seasons may have something to do with it.


I came across the term a few years back, and it spiked my interest. As a person who often suffered from more depressed days and anxiety in the summer, I never thought that seasons could be a trigger.

While any season can be a trigger, surveys show that many people suffer from summer depression, so if you’re one of those people, we’ve got you covered. Here mentioned below are eight tips to help you if you start experiencing summer depression.

Don’t let go of the routine:

One of the leading causes of depression in summer is the fact that we let everything go. Granted that everyday routine is tiresome and if you’re a student, you want to relish every moment of summer vacations, but staying in bed may not be the best way to do so.

Change your routine up a bit, add things that you like, but still make a schedule that you can follow. Don’t sleep in too much and miss meals as it can lead to heightened anxiety and depression.

Be comfortable in your body:

Another reason why summer may lead to elevated levels of depression is that it forces you to deal with body image. In winters, we can wear as many things as we may want to keep us warm, but when it comes to taking it all off in the summers, we realize that we might not have the ideal summer body.

Remember that the first rule to deal with depression is to be comfortable in your skin. You need to accept and love yourself and then try to grow.

And honestly, who cares if you’ve put on some weight, its weight! It’s bound to fluctuate from time to time.

Plan for the finances beforehand:

In most cases, summers require extra finances, which can lead to a spike in depression. This often happens in the case of parents. You have your kid at home 24/7, but don’t get time off your job. This means you might have to hire babysitters or extra help at home while doing your everyday tasks.

Rather than let the summers put a strain on your finances and your mind, try taking out a few extra bucks and saving for summer. Another alternative is to ask the family to pitch in if possible. Not only will it be a great help, but it will also be a great way to bond.

Manage your sleep cycle:

Another thing that can aid your depression is to have a proper sleep cycle. Remember to go to bed at night, most of us end up becoming nocturnal during the summer holidays, and that’s the worst thing to do.

Try maintaining a proper 8-hour cycle. If you have insomnia or aren’t able to go to sleep in peace, then using cannabis strain or weed will be of some help.

If you want to get weed online, all you need to do is type, how to buy weed in Canada, or wherever you live and click on the very first tab that you see.


Exercise is also a great way to control the hormones that are responsible for causing depression. Granted that it’s hot and you don’t want to engage in the exercise, you can follow home workout videos.

Whether it’s yoga, stretching exercises, or cardio, it increases the dopamine levels in your body and makes you happy. It can also decrease the production of cortisol, which leads to anxiety and depression.

Water activities:

If you plan on going outside, the best place to go is the pool or the beach. Try going somewhere you can indulge in activities near the water.

For example, go swimming or surfing, but staying close to the water is a great way to not only have fun but also make sure you don’t have a heat stroke or suffer from depression.

Hydrate regularly

I cannot stress enough the need for you to keep yourself hydrated. Whether it is water or fresh juice, it’s up to you.

Lack of water in the body can lead to an imbalance in hormone level, which might lead to a spike in depression. So, wherever you go, keep a bottle of water with you at all times.

It would be best if you also took a shower two times a day as it will relieve you of the heat and make sure that you’re in a better mood throughout the day.

Talk to others

Always know that whether it’s seasonal or not, depression is something that all of us need to talk about. If you’re suffering from it, know that it’s okay to reach out. Mental health is critical to our physical well-being and should be dealt with accordingly,

So if you feel the need to go to a therapist, go. If you think you need to talk to someone, call up your best friend.

Spending time with people you love and people who love you and all will be better.

Final thoughts:

If you’ve gone through the pointers as mentioned earlier, you now know eight new ways to tackle this seasonal depression. Rather than wallowing in your room and thinking that you’re alone, try following these simple steps to make your life a little easier.

If things still don’t seem to be getting better, I suggest that you consult a specialist. Know that talking to a practitioner doesn’t make you weak. We all need help sometimes.

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James is a physical and mental well-being expert. He has been trying to help people all around the globe by writing about topics such as anxiety and insomnia. He believes words are an excellent medium to showcase knowledge. You can peruse his site at

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