Aadhar is leading us towards a united nation without caste barriers

Each one of you reading this must have an Aadhar card today. If not then you can find out how to apply for an Aadhar card here. With 29 states and the population of almost every one of them speaking a different language, India had to be diverse.

All of the states have their own tradition and culture that is followed. Some of these traditions can be beautiful to witness as they are beautiful not just to see but also because the stories behind them make them even more amazing. Caste barriers have been a big issue for quite some time. There have been riots in name of castes. People have died. This is one of the reasons why education is really important today, especially in India.

Aadhar is leading us towards a united nation

It’s not because of the grades or accolades you receive once you graduate but it’s about what you learned. Did you learn that no matter what caste you belong to you are an Indian? Or that you are a Human.  It’s good to understand and remember where we came from. Our history is just as important as our future it makes us who we are. But we are not savages to let old and backward thoughts hold us back. You are a civilized human being behave like one.

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You might not think much of Aadhar card is another reason for breaking the caste barriers but it has made some headway. Ever heard the saying “Drops of water makes an Ocean” well add this drop to the well of breaking the caste barriers. Every Indian resident can apply and gain an Aadhar card. A unique Aadhar number is generated based on specific criteria. Prior to Aadhar card’s launch, ration card was used to identify a person as a resident of India. Aadhar has become the new Identity for us.

The procedure to generate Aadhar is same for everyone no matter what caste or religion they belong to. Breaking caste barriers is just one of the advantages of Aadhar. It also removes the financial barriers. No one is rich and poor here. There’s no middle class or first classes. Even though the class system has been abolished for a long time a lot of people of means think they are above everyone else and should be treated as royalty.

 The times speak about equality and how everyone is striving to achieve it. This is Aadhar little contribution to our nation’s fight against these barriers that have been stopping it from growing.

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If not for measures like this or large scale urbanization, financial and literacy growth we would still be fighting against each other rather than growing together. Which is what we need to do. Standing together for the betterment of our Nation’s future will help us achieve our goals faster.

 Think about it, all you have to do is spend few minutes of time to think about how what you do and what you believe in affects everyone and not just you. If you keep expecting other people to take the initiative nothing will happen.

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