The Challenges Our Veterans Are Facing

On Veterans Day – November 11th of each year, the country takes time to thank the men and women who serve our country for their dedication. Veterans should be appreciated for serving in a military unit whose brotherhood and sisterhood is undeniable. Unfortunately, after leaving the service, they usually return home struggling to make ends meet.

The challenges that many of our servicemen and women face include homelessness. Nearly 13% of our adult vets are homeless. The post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is prevalent among our military personnel. Over 297,000 military members suffer from some form of PTSD.

The disability level of our service members is quite high. More than 3 million veterans return home with a disability suffered in combat. An unfortunate icing on the cake, however, is that according to the Labor Bureau, our service personnel can’t find employment.

Good News For Our Vets

Despite these unfortunate events, there is positive news for veterans, and the country should recognize how they are overcoming tough challenges. Thanks to an onsite location that compiles achievements by vets, the GOTURSIX TV site provides top veteran news articles for military men and women as well as their spouses.

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The good news for our vets includes storylines involving veterans starting their businesses, while also helping their comrades to gain better footing. Veterans are making up more than 2 million independent businesses that are generating over $1 trillion nationwide to the economy. Veterans are shown what steps to take to secure a Small Business Administration loan because, in the last ten years, the agency has doubled its financial support.

Succinct Support For Vets

The top news articles also provide vital transition tips for veterans, career advice, how to help develop their skills, or how to acquire new skills. Additional news articles include military spouse information on improved financial options, going back to receive a higher education with their spouses on the G.I. Bell, and to best support spouses. There are a variety of podcasts with partners of GOTURSIX TV who hosts videos and leads seminar training films.

Good news is abounding for U.S. veterans, and the federal government is working hard to keep it going. Additional top veteran news articles show that more than 11 million vets are now receiving health insurance. A part of these success stories include veterans receiving prosthetic and robotic limbs at an advanced rate.

Having top veteran news articles compiled in one information location helps many veterans seek the help they need in all aspects of their lives. Another example of news supporting veterans is that they are being introduced to healthier eating habits and are encouraged to continue with their exercises, much of which they learned in the military. Continuing with their exercise benefits the veterans mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Creating Jobs For Veterans

Many veterans had skills when they went into the service, and now that they are back home, they are finding support in honing these skills. As a result of their travels and deployments, a new niche is opening up for qualified military vets.


This new job is as a travel advisor. Veterans are trained to think quickly on their feet. With this training and introducing vets to new software technology, veterans are hired to help stranded clients. A veteran is trained to handle unexpected situations very well. Good news is erupting everywhere, and it is about time that our veterans appear on the receiving end!

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