Documentaries We Can’t Wait To Watch In 2020

Documentaries We Can’t Wait To Watch In 2020

There is nothing better than sitting in front of the television after a long day at work and unwinding to a captivating story being told in a documentary. The popularity of documentaries is increasing year on year nowadays, with many people opting to learn about a story through this way of storytelling as opposed to a film or television show.

Most documentaries are close to the bone and give an unparallel access into what makes people function. There is an array of different genres of documentaries coming out next year, and these range from serial killers, famous icons, and getting inside a sports side. But, what can viewers aspect to be watching next year?

Music. Love. Billie Jean

One of the hotly anticipated documentaries to be released next year is centred around global icon Michael Jackson. The documentary is created by Spaniard Marcos Cabota and will look into the life of Jackson. Instead of being solely about his life or music, it is merging the two to give the viewer a complete insight into the legendary music star.

The Spaniard has been talking about the documentary for a while now, and he has already announced that he has been working with Brad Buxer, Toto and Jackson’s family on the Netflix original. The series will focus on Jackson and his work, and the lasting legacy that he has left on the music industry. It is expected to drop at around the same sort of time as the MJ Broadway show in 2020.

All or Nothing

Amazon will be giving us another look into a high-calibre sports side in 2020 as they have recently revealed that filming has begun behind the scenes at Premier League side Tottenham Hotspur. have already given an insight into what we could expect to see, but it will likely follow the same pattern laid down by the hugely popular series following Manchester City.

The show will be given unprecedented access behind the scenes at the training ground and at matches, which will give football fans a greater level of understanding of what goes on with their favourite sports side. It could be slightly different to the City documentary as it looks unlikely that Spurs will be able to have a successful season this time around. Either way, sports fans will be engrossed by the series and will be counting down the day until it drops, which will likely be towards the end of 2020.

Ted Bundy: Falling for a Killer

Amazon have a brilliant documentary slated for release next year that will feature Ted Bundy’s girlfriend and daughter’s personal stories revolving around the serial killer. Both have remained silent for years, and this will be an unmissable insight into what the people closest to him thought of the serial killer, and how surprised they were to learn about his double life.

The story would be one of the most unmissable documentaries of the year and will tell how the family were able to cope in the aftermath of the fallout from something truly harrowing. No release date is set, but it will be dropping in 2020.

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