11 Ways to Get Yourself Out of a Bad Mood Immediately

11 Ways to Get Yourself Out of a Bad Mood Immediately

Feeling down? Want to get out of a bad mood and into a good one as soon as possible? Here are some ways to turn things around fast.

Bad moods appear without warning whenever they please. Whether you wake up in a slump or feel it coming on slowly throughout the day, you want to pull yourself out of it as quickly as possible.

Today you’ll learn the techniques you need to kick that bad mood to the curb fast!

This list is made up of some things you can do right away to pull yourself out of your slump. Because getting rid of a bad mood just can’t afford to wait.

1. Let It All Out

Sometimes the best thing you can do is talk about why you’re in a bad mood. Figuring out what put you there and how to deal with it is a great way to reverse your mood.

So, call up a friend and have a chat.

If talking to someone isn’t possible at the time, or you just don’t want to air out your problems with anyone, you can still let it out by yourself.

Head into your room or somewhere secluded outside and have a good cry or a nice loud scream into the void.

Whatever you do, don’t just ignore the problem or keep your bad feelings bottled up. It won’t do you any good and could potentially just make your bad mood worse in the end.

2. Lend a Helping Hand

Take your focus off of yourself and your mood for a while by helping someone else in some capacity.

You could volunteer to help someone less fortunate, give your friend a hand with a project or problem they’re having, or even pay for a stranger’s food or drink.

Being selfless is a fantastic way to brighten your mood.

It keeps you from concentrating on your problems and falling deeper into them. And it may improve your day so much that your bad mood will disappear completely!

3. Go for a Walk Outside

Sunshine is a natural mood booster.

Seasonal changes in mood are a very real thing that a lot of people experience. When the winter months roll around and the sun is out less, moods tend to worsen no matter what else we have going on.

You need your sunlight.

When you’re in a bad mood, take a break from whatever you’re doing to go for a little stroll and breathe in the fresh air. Even if it’s cold out, bundle up and go soak in some natural light.

It’s amazing how much better you’ll feel afterward.

4. Exercise

Exercise is a tried-and-true way to get your blood pumping and feel better.

That’s because exercising is linked to the release of endorphins, which will take you from feeling funky to having fun in no time flat.

And yes, there are exercises you can do anywhere, whenever you need it.

Not to mention, regular exercise lowers your stress levels, helps you sleep better at night, and gives you more confidence in your everyday life—all of which will lead to an improvement in your mood.

5. Get Up and Dance

If traditional exercise isn’t your thing, you can still get yourself moving.

Dancing serves the same purpose as working out, with the added benefit of letting loose. There’s no set structure or time limit. You get to let go for as long as you need.

Grab your favorite upbeat music and shake what your mama gave ya!

(You can even create a playlist for just such occasions.)

Don’t be shy about singing at the top of your lungs as well.

6. Turn Off Social Media

Whether you want to believe it or not, social media has a tendency to give us negative feelings.

It’s all too easy to get caught up in the world that other people project online. You may start feeling like you’re missing out or that there’s nothing good going on in the world.

Even looking at cute or fun things isn’t much of a help, since the gratification doesn’t last very long.

Do yourself a favor and unplug for a little while. Turn off your timeline and spend some time doing things you enjoy. Then just watch your bad mood melt away.

7. Do Your Favorite Thing

Switch gears and put yourself in a good mood by doing the things you already know you love.

Read a book, watch a movie, play a game, go for a hike, sing karaoke, put on makeup, go window shopping, or literally anything else. As long as it’s something you know you’ll have a good time doing.

By focusing on something fun for you, you’re setting yourself up to feel happier.

8. Make Something

One good way to occupy your mind is by using your imagination. You can’t focus on how bad you feel when you’re concentrating on creating something new.

Go grab your craft supplies!

You can draw, paint, write, color, sew, or build something new.

In the end, you’ll have something you created and the positive, rewarding feeling that brings.

9. Treat Yourself

Sometimes, you just need a little treat to feel better. It’s definitely the way to go if you need a quick fix for a really bad mood.

Get yourself a sweet treat, go try on clothes, buy yourself that book you’ve been dying to read, or go see that movie you’ve been waiting to see.

Anything big or small that you can manage will do.

While it is helpful in a pinch, this isn’t the best solution for every bad mood. It helps at the moment but doesn’t have the same long-lasting impact as the other options on this list.

Just something to keep in mind.

10. Think Positive Thoughts

Stop what you’re doing right now and change your mindset to focus on the positive.

Think about some of your favorite memories and all the good you’ve experienced in your life. Look through your old pictures and videos if it helps really stir them up.

Try to employ an attitude of optimism in your everyday life and seek out the positive, even in the face of challenges. That way, you can avoid falling into bad moods very often.

11. Have a Good Laugh

Laughing and smiling are 100% proven to make you feel good.

Doing both of these actions actually releases endorphins and lowers the amount of stress hormones present in your body.

When you project happiness, you’re more likely to end up feeling it for real.

In Conclusion

Bad moods are no fun. Nobody wants to stay in a funk for long. The faster you can get yourself out of a bad mood, the better. You need something quick and effective that doesn’t take ages to work.

Now you’ve got an entire list of moves in your back pocket to combat those bad moods before they can completely take over.

Author Bio:

Jenny Bullock graduated from Stephen F. Austin State University and currently works with Broadstone Briar Forest to make life better for their residents every day.

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