How to reduce child’s stress and give him confidence

Stress is a physical, emotional and mental response to difficult or demanding situations. The lack of communication skills in the child makes him manage and express his stress differently from the adult. Children’s stress can be caused by a positive or negative event that changes their daily habits, and often manifests itself in the form of physical symptoms and / or a change in behaviorIt is possible to help the child reduce stress. I propose in the following of this post 7 directives:

stress loss

Learn to recognize common symptoms of stress in children.

Keep in mind that children can be stressed by anything that we as adults can not consider stressful. Pay attention to the following events in your child:

  • Physical symptoms include stomachaches, enuresis, respiratory infections, cardiac acceleration, excessive drowsiness, and increased anxiety.

  • Changes in behavior: For example, if the child is normally calm and shy, and he or she is acting out and having a temper tantrum, it could be a sign of stress. Conversely, an extrovert child can be completely forgotten in response to stress.

Encourage your child to express his feelings.

Help your child recognize how stress manifests itself. Regardless of the age of the child, being able to identify emotions such as sadness, fear, apprehension, and anxiety is the first step towards reducing stress. There are many teenagers who don’t know how to show their feelings and tell someone about it. this is one of the most common problems faced by teenagers but as they grew they start learning it (initialize with boyfriend or girlfriend)

Focus on the causes of stress, not its symptoms

When a child shows physical and behavioral signs, the most effective way to reduce stress is to manage the cause that caused the stress itself, rather than trying to cure / correct the symptoms. For example, if your child becomes a particular advocate, you should avoid harsh admonitions and help find the cause of the problem.

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Give your child a reassuring setting with clearly defined rules and boundaries.

Kids love predictability and routine. An excellent way to reduce their stress is to be very clear about the rules and the limits.

Create an environment that promotes communication

Children should be encouraged to be as authentic as possible and to express themselves freely. A trick for this is to ask them open-ended questions about their feelings. Of course, it is important not to forget to reassure them verbally and physically by telling them regularly that we love them as they are and that for nothing in the world we would like them to be different. Children need to hear it, showing them is not enough.

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Communication through a story.

Children do not have the self-awareness that adults have. As I said earlier, they do not have the ability to articulate what they are feeling. By involving your child when you read him a tale, you allow him to identify with living characters complex concepts. And it is a good mediator that allows you to speak the same language as your child while allowing him to develop his ability to express. To reduce stress, use books that are appropriate for your child’s age.

Talk with your child and listen carefully to what he tells you.

Try to make suggestions on how he can cope with his stress. But … avoid shouting at your child or stressing yourself! This will prevent your child from stressing more.

Now, after curing stress and anxiety, it is very important to give him/her confidence. how to do this? keep reading our expert guide.

Giving your teenager confidence

Not easy to be parents because there is no book that works for everyone and everyone must finally get by with the means of the board. However some things are to AVOID AT ALL COSTS and that you are American, Chinese or Indian. Whatever your skin color, your country, your social situation, certain educational rules are valid on the entire planet. So what needs to be done so that your children can progress and flourish? Listen to Thomas Charles


The Chronicle of Thomas Charles, psychotherapist

Your parents have been very worried about you.

They wanted you to succeed, to work well in class, to have a good education.

To do this, they wanted to push you and encourage you. They did the best they could. In most families, children have been told over and over again:

“Give yourself harm,”

“You do not do enough,”

” Life is hard “,

“It’s not going to get you all cooked up in the beak,”

” Do not dream “.

In fact, encouragement was criticism.

You see the results that it gives … It has built you “an inner hangman” that makes you doubt yourself. That you are stressing yourself. That you “fight against” constantly and that you make a mountain of everything. Logic, since you have been taught since childhood …

Do not do the same for your children.

The best gifts you can give them is to have confidence in themselves and in life.

This does not mean letting them do everything and be “baba of admiration” when they disobey or do nonsense.

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Here are some instructions for use:

Help them to become aware of their abilities and qualities. Congratulate them for that. Encourage them to implement them.

Give them a habit of getting up and going to bed, thanking Life.

Explain to them that they have a unique personality and a mission to do on this earth. Tell them to look for who you are and to help them make it happen.

Teach them to connect to their inner Being and listen to their intuition. Meditating a few minutes a day can be very valuable to them.

Give them an emotional education. Explain to them the human feelings. Tell them that it is normal to be jealous of your brothers and sisters and to love them at the same time. it is true that many teens and people never change but with the hope, we can make then normal

Always tell a senior child when a baby arrives that it is thanks to him that you wanted a second child. You are so happy with him that you want to multiply that happiness. Thank him. He will be very proud. This will help him overcome his suffering from this intruder with whom he must now share with his parents.

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