Fun Ways To Give Your Kids Their Special Christmas presents

Fun Ways To Give Your Kids Their Special Christmas presents

Winter is here, and that means that the festival season has officially begun, with many people already beginning to prepare for Christmas. Christmas is a magical time, especially for kids. They believe in Santa Claus and pray to him every year to bring them their favorite toy because they have been good.

As parents, we do everything to make it even more special and magical for our kids. We bring lots of prenatal, take them to fair, and parties, and we even dress up as Santa to hand over their gifts to them.

The joy of Christmas makes everything and everyone merrier. But what if you can make the gift-giving ceremony and Christmas even more magical for your kids? How? Well, read below for some great tips that can help you achieve this.

Tip 1: Make your own delivery tags

You can create your own and fun delivery tags using Canva. It lets you design a lot of things. Also, you can but funky father delivery tags from sites like Etsy. Customize the tags by writing ‘ Special delivery for you from the North Pole’, or ‘Santa sends his love’ and so on.

You can also fill the other details like, whether the kid was naughty or kind, name of the kid, and the place to leave the gift and so on.

Tip 2: Recycle for new gifts

Christmas is not only about the gifts, but it is also about kindness and teaching your kids about gratitude and sharing and loving others. So, this Christmas, teach your kids by asking them to make a bucket of things that they don’t use anymore but are in good condition. It can be their toys or books or clothes or a cycle and ask them to wrap it up nicely and give it up for charity. Tell them that they will get a good amount of presents if they do so.

Also, ask them to share one of the many gifts that they receive with the less fortunate ones, and Santa will reward them the next year.

Tip 3: Give them challenges

Kids will do anything for their presents so why not give them challenges? You can hide their gifts and give them a map to find it. If you have more than one kid, it can be a competition with the winner getting one more cup of hot cocoa.

You can also ask them to sing a chorus or enact a scene from the Christmas play or so on. The possibilities are endless, and this little activity gives you more bonding time.

Tip 4: Make them open the gifts one at a time

When everyone opens the gifts at the same time, it leads to chaos, the fun ends in minutes, and no one knows what the others got. So, make it last long, by telling your kids that everyone in the family will open the gifts one at a time. You can start with the youngest or the oldest and move up or down and then again.

Make this year gift-giving tradition a twist and enjoy your Christmas. Also share the Merry Christmas wishes to your friends and family. Merry Christmas folks!

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