How Gaming Influences the Youth

If you have any children lounging around your home, or you happen to know some who live elsewhere, there are good chances that you’ll find them embroiled in one popular gaming fad or another. With the large variety of gaming consoles (the hardware platforms on which game titles are loaded and played) available in the consumer marketplace.

Gaming Influence

It becomes hard for kids – and even some adults – to not get caught up in this new-age digital furor on a consistent basis. With far-reaching internet functionality, mediated through such ISP provisions as the Spectrum cable and internet offer, avid gamers are now fully equipped to engage with others of their ilk who may be terrestrially distant from them.

The Negative Influences of Violent Gaming Titles on Developing Minds

But all this unending video gaming comes at a serious cost – one which is fully surmised in the effect that these productions have on the psychology of developing minds. Several research studies conducted on different child groups contrasted the thinking patterns of violence & gore-filled action game players, and those gamers who engaged with more education-oriented productions. The results of these investigative sessions clearly showed a marked increase in erratic and violent thinking behaviors in the children exposed to action gameplay sequences, as opposed to the relatively-pacific control group.

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Recently, the news media reported a couple of incidents involving individuals implicated in a string of felonies inspired by the plot-content of popular video games. The culprits, who were later apprehended by the civil authorities, thought that they could realistically enact what they saw onscreen in the physical world. Some even succeeded in executing cold-blooded murders to this effect.

For Gaming Youths, Time Flows Like Quicksand

In addition to the deleterious psychological influence of violent gaming on the minds of young children, the said mentally-consuming practice can also cause a strain to develop in all of their social relationships. Since gamers normally spend a great deal of time in sitting in front of their gaming consoles, they tend to lose all sense of the number of hours elapsed in the pursuit of their favorite activity. They forget, in short, to go out and interact with the burgeoning issues of the real world – with the virtual reality of the video game proving itself to be more enticing (and therefore worthwhile) to their susceptible mindsets.

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The U.S national average (recorded in 2013) of children involved in various categories of gaming discovered that most young adults – on average – choose to spend between thirteen and fourteen hours a week in following through with their digital pastime. This statistic corresponds with at least 2 hours spent daily in conducting this activity.

On the Issue of Social Deprivation

When this issue is considered from a holistic footing, it becomes quite clear that children nowadays are spending much less time in their social pursuits than their grandparents & antecedents did when they were their age. And instead of investing their energy in consolidating meaningful relationship with others, they seem to be more occupied in wasting their potential in an engagement that has zero real-world benefits to offer.

Forming fruitful social connections at an early age makes way for good social mobility later on in life; a character trait that proves essential to securing consequential employment positions in key managerial roles. Gaming addicts, as it has been pointed out above, usually remain at a high risk of suffering from this issue.

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When Obesity Factors into the Equation

Americans happen to be some of the most obese people in the world, with over one-third of the total population currently suffering from the ravages of being overweight. And this finding has many causative factors behind its entrenchment, with simultaneous gaming & ‘junk’ eating spells being an important reason studded in this mix.

For gaming enthusiasts, it comes as a matter of routine to binge on high-carbohydrate & Trans-fat laced snacks (crisps and carbonated beverages) when they are engrossed in what is being played out on their console screens. Repeated eating sessions of this nature lead to the rapid attainment of a morbidly obese weight profile, due also in large part to the lack of sufficient exercise that would otherwise have off-set the high caloric intake.

Gaming as a Gateway to Further Disease

And once obesity (defined on the BMI scale as any figure beyond 30) sets in, it opens up the pathway to the accrual of more serious health conditions like cardiovascular disease, cancer and diabetes.

When analyzed on a macro level, the obesity epidemic puts a considerable strain on the public health service – which consequently struggles to cater to all of the disease’s primary and secondary victims. With a Spectrum internet and phone plan, you can access many informative resources on the World Wide Web that fully detail the burden-of-cost of the obesity crisis on the national GDP.

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