How Many Mothers Can a Child Have Surrogacy?

How Many Mothers Can a Child Have Surrogacy?

Surrogacy is a controversial topic that has many myths around. Some believe it is a sincere willingness to help other people have a child, while some claim that it is all about money. Nevertheless, surrogacy is legal in many countries now but it does not exclude its complexity in terms of surrogate requirements. Let’s uncover some of them.

Surrogacy Solutions: What Is the Perfect Candidate to Be a Surrogate?

Normally, people who seek surrogacy solutions turn to designated agencies that know how to do all the procedures painlessly, and legally. One such Kiev surrogacy agency is the World Center of Baby that is trusted and reliable in the markets of Ukraine, Colombia, and Mexico. When choosing their services, you get the surrogate that underwent all possible medical screenings, and other legal work confirming she is eligible to bear a child. So, if you want to spend a minimum of time, the World Center of Baby is a go-choice.

So, who is a perfect candidate to be a surrogate mother? It greatly depends on the country where the process is ongoing. Some countries still ban such possibility, while others are open to gay couples.

First of all, a surrogate should be willing to cooperate with the agency and ensure she does not have any intentions for the baby. Then, she should have her biological children. Again, depending on the country, there are some restrictions regarding marital status. For instance, in Ireland and the UK, the eligible surrogate should be either single or divorced. Age also matters. In Ukraine, a typical picture of the surrogate is a 30 years old woman, however, the entering age may be 21 and by 40 on average depending on her health condition. Finally, a surrogate should be a non-smoker and should not have a history of alcohol or illicit drug abuse. At the World Center of Baby, each candidate is thoroughly monitored and checked before starting the collaboration.

Finally, how many times may a candidate be a surrogate? Normally, it limits to 3 times, however, there is lacking support from law documentations. So, one surrogate may bear a child for other potential parents unlimitedly.

Tips on Surrogacy Services

Either you apply for gestational or traditional surrogacy, especially, in another country, ensure you have the best legal support from the agency. With the World Center of Baby, you are guided through every step until you enjoy parenthood in your home country. Then, try to find a surrogate agency that offers flexible payment options. For example, the full cost of the program should be paid in installments, so, you do not need to run to look for the money urgently though the price should be not exaggerated as well. Furthermore, a surrogacy agency should obligatorily provide you with monthly reports, and ultrasound pictures from the clinic. It will all make your waiting experience memorable and enjoyable, as your baby will be coming soon to your hands. Learn more with the surrogate forum available in your country.

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