Is Spanish difficult to learn as an adult?

Is Spanish difficult to learn as an adult?

It depends…

… from which native language of the student is and to which language you compare it. Because the truth is that there is no such thing as objectively easy or difficult language to learn in the world.

Some languages are in a fairly privileged position when it comes to learning a few foreign languages. For example, when learning Spanish, Polish have no problems to pronounce “perro” vividly. Actually, the pronunciation rules are a piece of cake for them.

The verb variety by people is nothing new to those who speak romance languages, they just need to switch to Spanish mode. Like the types, except that there are only two in Spanish. Is there anything worse than declination? Fortunately, you don’t have to go through it in Spanish. To all this comes the question of whether you want and like. If so, Spanish is really easy.

The easiest languages ​​to learn

If you are now standing at the crossroads of choosing a foreign language to learn and one of the signposts has the Spanish inscription and the other one German, the matter is quite simple. For English speakers, learning German ​​is a walk on a flowery meadow on a beautiful, sunny day, but maybe sometimes you will have to climb up some hill.

However, if Italian is at the same crossroads, well, the path to knowledge of German may suddenly part, and the gap created in this way, along with the meadow surrounding it, can be filled with boiling lava, which can only be overcome by real determination.

Is Spanish difficult to learn as an adult?

Choose your school

The concept of difficult language is somewhat relative, because if you really want to learn and you are motivated, the level of difficulty of a given language fades. Nowadays you can pick one of many classes that can be suitable for your Spanish goals.

You can start packing your suitcase (or your Spanish books) for your after confinement plans by enjoying 25% off in an Spanish school Barcelona. Is there a better motivation for learning than having an exciting experience in one of the greatest Spanish cities?

In case you need a few reasons to learn Spanish, here are 5 of them that can boost you to start learning it!

#1. Discover Spanish culture through cinema

It was about books, it was about music, you also have to say about the film because here the Spanish-speaking world will not disappoint.

Antonio Banderas, Javier Bardem or Penelope Cruz in the Spanish version, or maybe Casa de Papel in its original language. There’s a lot to choose from in Spanish-language cinema.

#2. You already know a lot of Spanish

In fact, you don’t have to start learning Spanish completely. You may not know it yet, but you already know a lot of words.

#3. New career opportunities

I don’t have to convince you that using Spanish also means new job opportunities. If you search the job offers in Europe only, you’ll find out what awaits you when you speak Spanish.

#4. Spanish is spoken in 135 countries

You will be able to talk to over half a billion people. Well, maybe not with everyone at once, but you will not miss a conversation.

Spanish is the official language in 21 countries (Spain, Equatorial Guinea, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Peru, Venezuela, Chile, Guatemala, Cuba, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Bolivia, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Uruguay, Panama ).

Also, although it has no official language status, it is used in the United States, Andorra, Belize and Giblartar.

According to Wikipedia, it is spoken in as many as 135 countries. So if you’re in South America or going to the United States, knowing Spanish will definitely be useful.

Of all languages, all over the world, Spanish in terms of native users ranks 2nd and 3rd as the most-used language, after English and Chinese.

Is Spanish difficult to learn as an adult?

#5. Immerse yourself in culture

Start dreaming about your holidays after confinement. Are you going to South America? Holidays in Cuba, a quick trip to Barcelona or maybe a trip to Colombia.

You should also see Machu Picchu in Peru, and maybe sunbathe on the beach in Cancun. By the way, try Argentinean cuisine, or Mexican first.

As you can see, lots to see, lots to try, all in the Spanish-speaking world.

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