6 tips on how to travel with a dog in a motorhome

Finally, summer is here, and anyone who loves the company of their pets can continue to take care of them “on the road”. After all, many people choose to travel with a motorhome just because they want to take their dogs or cats with them. In this article, we’ve summed up 5 tips on how to travel with a dog in a motorhome.

Tip 1: Ensure adequate cooling

Ensure a good oxygen supply in the car, don’t leave your dog in a closed vehicle (also applies to a car). The animal can overheat and even die if no window is open. What should you do instead? Take your dog along with you. It’s also good to put a sign behind a window that a dog is on board so that observers can respond to situations that may occur.

There is a general rule: if you are warm, your Labrador is also warm. So make sure that a dog gets enough water. What is more, always park in the shade, with the windows open and, for example, air conditioning turned on (you can also use a fan if you don’t have air conditioning). It is also advisable to have a cool, wet towel with you. If you want to buy a modern motorhome, which has some helpful amenities included, visit the Oaktree Motorhomes website.

Tip 2: Make sure your pet is chipped and registered

This should be done so that your dog can always be found if it gets lost.

You should always keep your dog close to you in an unfamiliar environment.

Also, keep the dog visible and remember to place a name tag with your phone number on the collar.

Tip 3: Make sure your dog is used to strange environments

Take your dog into account when making plans. It may be uncomfortable for your pet to be in a different environment and moreover, dogs aren’t welcome everywhere, so choose your destination wisely.

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Before you go on the road, you can train your dog to react to several commands. Also, before the journey begins, go to the beach, forest or supermarket, for example, to let him or her get used to many people, nature, sand and other dogs. So let them socialize well with other four-legged friends in all shapes and sizes.

Make sure that there is enough freedom of movement for the animal in between trips so that everyone can feel comfortable during the ride.

Tip 4: Make sure your dog is adequately seated while driving to prevent accidents.

Secure the dog in a bench, in its basket or on a leash so that you don’t have to worry about your pet flying through the car while you are driving. There are even special dog seats! If you choose such a solution, your pet can still look out the window and enjoy the surroundings.

Tip 5: Prepare the dog’s space

Before leaving, carefully evaluate the available space in the motorhome according to the dog’s size and identify a space dedicated only to the dog. For obvious reasons, avoid the areas too close to the kitchen. Ideally, choose an area near the cab or bathroom.

Tip 6: Remember about hygiene

Of course, in a cramped environment like a motorhome, it is essential to clean the dog regularly and dedicate some time each day to the dog’s and the environment’s hygiene. It may also be useful to have a small first aid kit in the motorhome, for exclusive use for the dog (elastic band, disinfectant, bandages, etc.).

You must take all of this with you

When it comes to eating and drinking, there are some things that you should definitely take with you on the road.

  • Think of a large water container that you can easily fill with water.
  • Take the basket or blankets that the dog can recognize.
  • If you go hiking: take a small water bowl or a bottle that you can easily put in a backpack. This way, you can water your dog on the way.
  • An airtight container where you can store food, fresh food or chunks.
  • A towel with which you can dry your doggy after he or she has taken a splash in the sea or in a lake.
  • EU Dog Passport (with a chip or tattoo number), possibly health declarations (for non-EU countries) and vaccination certificates.
  • Take nippers to remove insects.
  • Take enough toys and sweets with you.
  • Poop bags should also not be missing
  • In some countries, you must have a muzzle. So check before you leave which rules to follow.
  • Brush: combing your four-legged friend in between is also recommended. This way, you prevent all hair from ending up in your camper.

And finally, even though it may seem redundant to remind it: don’t let your little friend stay alone in the camper for a long time. It’s not pleasant for anyone to spend hours indoors and at very high temperatures. In these cases, the animal can become nervous and aggressive, it can damage the car or, even worse, get a very severe heat stroke.

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Those mentioned so far are some of the basic precautions one must follow, the rest we left to your common sense and, above all, to the devotion and sensitivity of your faithful four-legged friend.

We wish you a very nice trip with your beloved dog!

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