Perfect Bangles Designs for Women

Bangles are one of the accessories that women usually hoard on. Most women have many varieties to suit various occasions. This is because this dainty accessory can be an ideal add on any Indian ensemble as instantly heighten the charm and glamour of the wearer. However, when it comes to making a big investment in bangles then you may not want to falter and go in for designs or patterns are best suited for most occasions. So, which all bangles design are the ones that you should definitely have, well, if you wish to know more, go through this post!

Here are some splendid bangle designs that women should have:

  • Gold and Diamond Bangles: One of the best combo that makes an ideal accessory option for weddings, festivals and other major life events are gold and diamond bangle. If you haven’t gotten yourself a pair yet, well, you must! The gold and diamond combo is a stunner in every sense possible and renders a delicate feminine charm. There is umpteen gold bangle designs that you can choose from, pick a one that best suits your style!
  • Heirloom or Antique Bangles: These kinds of bangles have a great amount of charm and enigma and they become an eye-catching accessory whenever you will wear them. If you are looking for a statement piece of jewelry, antique bangles will help you achieve the same! It is a must-have in your accessory collection. Accentuate your traditional outfits by adoring these exquisitely patterned bangles.
  • Uncut Diamond Bangles: If you are looking for designs that are one of a kind and will instantly attract admiration, try investing in sleek uncut diamond bangles. These bangles ooze class and royal charm to the core. Next time you want to stand out at an event, try accessorizing with uncut diamond bangles. These go well with Indian as well as western outfits.
  • Semi-precious or Precious Stone Bangles: If uncut diamonds or diamonds are way too exorbitant, well, don’t feel disheartened because we have just the right kind that will add oomph to your style and look. You can opt for semi-precious or precious stone bangles. The semi-precious ones are more affordable and thus you can have more than a pair, however, precious stone ones may be a bit higher on the price depending on the stone being used. These bangles look elegant and are ideal for daily wear and for special occasions too.
  • Dainty Everyday Wear Bangles: A woman needs many kinds of accessories to suit various occasions. Where diamonds, precious stones, and heavy gold bangles are ideal for festivals, weddings and other such functions, dainty and simplistic patterns are ideal for office, work or day to day wear. You can opt for sleek and simple patterns that look stylish too. Pick up designs that go well with Indian or western dresses too.

Adorning bangles is a vibrant Indian tradition that accentuates the elegance and beauty of a woman. If you have not invested in any of the above styles of bangles, well, buy it now and make a style statement where ever you go!

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