SeaWorld® San Diego: Top 10 Attractions

SeaWorld® San Diego is a favorite theme park in the Pacific coast town. However, with limited time and a reasonable budget, what should visitors prioritize? By finding some stellar Seaworld® San Diego discounts through reputable travel experts, guests can maximize their fun while minimizing their expenses.

Here are the top 10 attractions in SeaWorld® San Diego.

  1. Sea Lions Live!

Previously known as the Clyde and Seamore show, this 20-minute comedy will get the group in the mood for a light-hearted day at SeaWorld. There are at least two showings daily.

2. Journey to Atlantis®

On this thrilling coaster, visitors can imagine they’re on a quest to find the lost city of Atlantis. Those who come looking for soak rides will love this one. Its max speed is 45 miles per hour.

  1. Explorer’s Reef

Explorer’s Reef is the perfect introductory attraction for park goers planning to get more up close at specialized animal encounters later in their day. This collection of tide pools allows visitors to touch small sharks, fish, crabs, and more.

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4. Sky Tower

On a sunny afternoon, the Sky Tower offers a panoramic respite from splash zones and speeding coasters. Visitors of all ages can relax on this slow climb up to 320 feet, then admire the view from above.

5. Feed Sea Lions

Kids and adults alike will delight in interactions with these hilarious sea animals. Find this opportunity in Pacific Point and remember that fish for feeding is an extra (but so worth it) charge.

6. Manta® Ride

This steel coaster permits a smooth ride and at 43 miles per hour, it’s just fast enough to make it a good “gateway” ride for kids getting ready for the “big kid” rides.

7. Feed Stingrays

An opportunity to feed stingrays can be great for guests to get comfortable with these sometimes intimidating animals. There is an additional fee, so those looking to stay on the cheaper side can be content to pet the stingrays.

8. Wild Arctic®

This chilly exhibit includes a helicopter simulator ride, so guests feel like they’ve traveled to another continent. Bring a jacket and view the polar bears, walruses, and beluga whales.

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9. The Orca Encounter

This attraction must be on the list since it is SeaWorld® San Diego, after all. See Shamu® (or his closest available relative) and learn all about the majestic orca whale from expert trainers in a new and improved production.

10. Animal Interaction

This is listed last because animal interactions come with the highest extra fee and must be booked in advance. However, for a guest who is passionate about sea life, this is an unforgettable experience. Swimming with dolphins and belugas is possible, along with up-close encounters with otters, penguins, and more.

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