Seven reasons to Fake Your Garden

Were you ever standing in front of your lawn, with a mower right next to you and thought – Man, how I wish I didn’t have to do it anymore. Can you relate? If yes, there is a solution to your problem. Have you ever heard about artificial grass? Artificial grass, or the plastic grass if you prefer, has been gaining popularity for the last couple of years. And why wouldn’t it? After all, it saves time and effort you need to put into a lawn with real grass.

Here is why you should consider choosing artificial grass over the real one.

Low Maintenance

In today’s fast-paced world, it can be challenging to find time to regularly mow the garden, especially with so many responsibilities like children or school. Next thing you know, the lawn starts to resemble more of a jungle than a yard. Well, that’s not the case with plastic grass.

To be honest, the level of maintenance that the artificial grass on your lawn will need depends mainly on how much it will be used. For example, if it isn’t going to be constantly used for rigorous activities like sports, then a few brushes during the year should be enough. Great, isn’t it?

Looks Great No Matter What

If you (or your neighbours) have pets that just love to dig holes in your lawn, you will be glad to hear that there are specially made types of grasses for that. They are coarser than the regular ones and can resist every paw.

If you don’t have a pet, think about how your grass is during winter with all the mud in it, and summer when it is all yellow and all it takes is a few days without watering for it to die. Doesn’t sound so appealing now, does it? With plastic grass, you don’t have any of those problems.

Looks More Real Than Ever

The problem with fake grass five or ten years ago was that it looked so good that it didn’t look real. Nowadays, this has changed – blades of grass are longer, just like the natural grass. The colour scheme also changed – more than one shade of green is used, with yellow spots interweaved in-between.

Reduces Allergies Symptoms

The grass is one of the leading causes of allergies. Studies have shown, that in 2018, 19.1 million adults suffered from allergies caused by the allergens that grass contains. Choosing the artificial turf over the real one might not eliminate all of the allergens completely. However, it still reduces their amount, and the effect they have on people and animals with allergies.

Affordable For Everyone

If you look at the prices of the artificial grass, you might think, Oh no, that’s too expensive! Truth be told, it is costly, but only in the beginning. If you look at how many years it can last and divide the cost of the grass per year, you will realize that it’s a reasonable price. Also, now you can find a lot of cheaper imports.

With real grass, you need to be aware of costs like hiring a mower, seeds so that you can reseed it every year, and treatments that are not only costly but also dangerous for the environment.

Reaches Where The Grass Can’t

Real grass won’t grow everywhere – some conditions have to be met, like enough water and enough sunshine. If it doesn’t have those elements, instead of beautiful green grass, you will have a not so appealing yellow one. In worst cases, it can die out completely.

A bad looking front lawn does not create a good opinion about people who live in the house. With artificial grass, the problem of not growing in some areas is eliminated – you can layout the plastic grass almost everywhere, and it will always look perfect.


One of the reasons why people were sceptical about using artificial grass was the possible presence of lead. However, nowadays the high-quality products are not only free of lead, but also of any other substance that can be toxic.


Artificial grass is more beneficial than the real one in more ways than one. It doesn’t need so much maintenance, it’s safe for both kids and pets, it eliminates the allergens almost wholly, and it always looks near perfect—-if not perfect. If you are worried about the expenses, you don’t have to because it’s been proven that the artificial grass pays itself off after around 3 to 5 years.

So maybe it’s time to consider changing to artificial grass?

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