Why is Sporthotel Cristall an Excellent Option?

Why is Sporthotel Cristall an Excellent Option?

Are you looking for a good hotel to stay at Stubai Valley for your next vacation? Sporthotel Cristall is an Excellent Option. We offer you a family hotel with amenities for people of all ages. We strive to provide you a great and friendly service with a variety of services included in your reservation. We are a great place to visit at any time of the year. Here are some reasons to choose our services.

Reasons to Choose Sporthotel Cristall

  • We offer you an exquisite cuisine that will leave everyone completely satisfied.
  • We strive to provide you a space for exercises and improve your overall health with our onsite gym, wellness area with many amenities, and transportation to the ski area during the winter season. If your goal is to unwind, then these areas will help you reach those goals.
  • We can provide you discounts for your children the youngest ones up to 4 years don’t pay at all. Children from 5 to 8 years pay half and the oldest ones up to 18 years will get a discount of 30%.
  • We are near the ski area and offer you lots of benefits such as shuttles, and even a ski room.
  • Our hotel is surrounded by an amazing landscape and a beautiful scenario that will give you the `peace that you are looking for.
  • We offer you a comfortable time in our traditional hotel made of wood and stone.
  • You can plan lots of activities on-site such as a walk in the garden, a swim in the natural swimming pond, a visit to the sauna or spa, and even a barbecue with your family.
  • Children can have a blast in an area made just for them in the indoor playground with baby-sitting services if needed. We know that you also want some time with your couple.

Services Included in your Reservation

At Sporthotel Cristall, we offer you comfortable and luxurious rooms that can be double rooms, suites, penthouses. All of the areas we offer you have sophisticated furniture, lots of space and a relaxing environment. You will be surprised by the cleanliness of each area and the high-quality products that are placed in each room.

There are many services that are included in your reservation. You can try the delicious food that we offer you that can be national or international. You can enjoy the main courses and snacks. You can also take advantage of the fabulous oasis area that includes a swimming area. Depending on the season, we can give you access to several touristic attractions. You can exercise daily during your vacation in our gym and wellness area. Other important services included are free parking wifi, shuttle service, ski room, and shuttles. Kids also love to visit our hotel because they can have fun in the indoor playroom. These are some great services that will make your stay more pleasant.

Take Advantage of our Wellness Area

We know how important it is to relax during a vacation that is why we have created an area for this purpose. Our wellness areas are available indoors and outdoors and it includes an indoor swimming pool, massages, sauna, spa, facial treatments, a natural swimming pond, and a waterfall. The beauty services and massages are carried out by an experienced team of beauty specialists that will help you rejuvenate your skin.

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Activities All Year Round

At Sporthotel Cristall, we can offer you activities all year round. You can take advantage of our services during winter or summer. Some of the activities that you can do during winter are snowboarding, skiing, and many more. During summer, you can also do lots of fun things such as bungee jumping, canopy, cycling, among others. You can also ask about the excursions that we can offer you. There is also a carnival in February. No one gets bored at Sporthotel Cristall.

You and loved ones will enjoy staying at our hotel and we are waiting for you. We have something for each member of your family. We are a four-star hotel that can provide you everything you need for your next family vacation. Stubai Valley is an excellent place to visit during any time of the year. You will be hypnotized with beautiful views to take great photos and fresh air. Contact us to make a reservation today. You can book online or by phone. We will be more than pleased to provide you with an excellent environment and a warm welcome.

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