Massage Chair and Its Incredible Advantages

Massage Chair and Its Incredible Advantages

Research has shown a great deal in massage and its benefits. Having a massage chair of your own comes with both physical and mental benefits. Even more, you can enjoy them daily in the comfort of your home. The massage chair from Novita in Singapore is a site to visit to get the best models of massage chairs that are reliable, portable, durable, and so on. Below are the advantages of owning a massage chair:

1. Reduce Stress and Anxiety While It Increases Productivity and Alertness

Research shows that generally, massage helps to reduce stress on psychological and physical levels by merely lowering your blood pressure, heart rate, insulin level, and also cortisol levels. More so, dopamine and serotonin are released, thereby helping your body overcome frequent, chronic, and acute or short term stress.

A study was done by The University of Miami School of Medicines Touch Research Institute. They found out that just 15 minutes in a massage chair helps to enhance measurable EEG brain activity in all adults. Furthermore, these massaged adults performed more accurately and quickly in mathematical testing as compared to other groups without massage.

2. Improves Your Mood

When you undergo massage, it helps to increase the production of endorphins while your body feels naturally right. This further aids in balancing your body’s mood and even more.

3. Sleep Better

We discovered earlier that massage therapy helps to boosts serotonin level, which in turn helps the brain to convert to sleeping hormone, melatonin. This enables you to enjoy your massage chair as you await a blissful night’s sleep.

4. Improve Cardiovascular Health

A lot of research has proven that massage serves as a powerful complementary treatment when it comes to lowering stress and blood pressure, which we discussed earlier. More so, massage helps to acutely reduce heart rate and blood pressure in hypertensive women. Massage therapy aids in reducing muscular tension, anxiety, pain, and so on in cardiac surgery patients.

5. Manage Lower Back Pain

A discovery was made by the American Chiropractic Association that lower back pain is the primary cause of disability worldwide. An estimate of one in ten people who suffered from back pain ended up with a chronic condition.

In a recent study by the journal Pain Medicine, it was found that massage helps to provide lasting relief for chronic back pain. A figure of 104 people with persistent back pain was looked at, and we’re referred to licensed massage therapists by their doctors. They were taken on ten sessions over 12 weeks in which the practitioners freely designed a massage program for each patient, instead of using the same technique all through.

Most patients completed a questionnaire, and over 50% reported massive improvements in their back pain. Several of them were even dropped below the threshold for disability. More so, these improvements lasted in which even three months of no massage session, 75% of them who reported initial improvements said they still felt better.

6. Lessen Headaches

The major causes of tension headaches are a tight neck, poor posture, sore back, and the constant straining of the eyes. Massage seeks to tackle those issues as it loosens tight muscles and improves blood rate to reduce pain and tension. According to a study in the International Journal of Neuroscience, was found massage reduces pain, distress symptoms, and sleep disturbances. Also, subjects in the study experienced an increase in serotonin levels as well as more headache-free days.

7. Sparks Creativity

Proper massage opens your mind while it helps you to relax and gives you a moment to think. It enables you to think more as it enables you to picture a way to solve a project at hand. More so, it releases some hormones which we earlier discussed as it decreases the stress hormone called cortisol.

8. Be More Mobile

Massage therapy also helps you to improve on your flexibility as well as a range of motion as it works on your muscles, tendons, joints, ligaments, and connective tissues. More so, it stimulates blood flow and keeps your joints more fluid and less prone to injury.

9. Boost Immunity

Another research indicates that massage helps to strengthen the immune system, especially during the winter period. This happens as it increases the activity of the white blood cells of the body, which fights viruses. More so, the increase in white blood cells proves that there’s a decrease in cortisol.

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