Online Training Courses for Aspiring Beauticians

Online Training Courses for Aspiring Beauticians

Aspiring beautician is always on the lookout for training opportunities in certificate and associate degree programs in fields that are relevant to them like esthetics, cosmetology, and so on. These programs guarantee licensure and also provide adequate skills and training. These skills provide them with a wide range of facial and body care treatments at day spas, salons, or their businesses. Even though most programs require hands-on experience, some courses can be taken online.

However, these fully online beautician training programs are rare due to the hands-on nature of the work. More so, you can easily come across programs for those currently employed in the field and desire to learn some more. Nonetheless, you can always enroll in an online beautician program like the Imelda Training course in beautician if you so much desire to learn adequate beautician skills.

Besides an updated computer with good internet access, those who enroll in online beautification training courses may need to buy their beauty supplies and tools. More so, some of these schools include particular supplies to their tuition fee, as well as shipping these items to the student’s home address. This will enable the student to learn all adequate skills in the comfort of their homes.

Online Beautician Training Courses

There are various online beautician training courses. We will briefly discuss some of these courses amongst the different available online beautician training courses you can come across. Below are the courses:

Facials Course: Facial Courses specifically discusses the physiology and anatomy of the facial skin and skin disorders. The course aids students in learning about skin types to accurately on the need for beneficial treatments. More so, there are so many different types, as well as complexity levels of facials and facial techniques that can be used. This includes steaming, moisturizing, cleansing, extractions, and so on.

Relaxation Massage Course: This course specifically helps to teach students about massage and the various parts of the body and face that can be massaged. More so, the course is also designed to discuss the health benefits of massage as well as the different styles of massage there is.

Waxing Course: The Waxing Course covers the information on hair structure and its growth cycles. More so, it helps to teach students about the proper waxing tools in the market, sanitation, safe hygiene, and so on. Since it is an online course, all the waxing procedures and its techniques are demonstrated on video, with specific instructions that are relevant for different areas of your face or body.

Nail Care Course: For the Nail Care Course, students are taught how to give a professional manicure or pedicure with massage, removal of dead or dry skin, and cuticle removal of their clients. More so, students learn on sanitation issues, products, and equipment. Additional skin care treatments such as masks and paraffin waxes for both hand and foot care are also learned. During the program, online videos are used to demonstrate the best techniques behind the successful application, maintenance, and also the removal of artificial nails.

Lash and Brow Tint Course: This course teaches students how to dye eyelashes and eyebrows correctly and safely. More so, some of this type, of course, also teach eyelash perming. During this program, students learn how to mix and apply color to the lashes and brows as they also learn how to remove the dye safely. The same goes for perming; students learn how to apply perm rods to lashes correctly and how to use curl-producing solutions.

Theory of Cosmetology Course: This course is an introduction to the basic skills required for a professional image, personal hygiene, and manicure. It may include information on basic sciences and sanitation, as well as physiology. More so, students learn the basic laws of their particular state when it comes to mastering cosmetology.

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