5 Reasons Why You Need A Beauty Booster Treatment

5 Reasons Why You Need A Beauty Booster Treatment

Every year, cosmetic industry analysts estimate that 200,000 people in Australia alone receive some form of plastic surgery each year. The most common treatments are breast augmentations, liposuctions, abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), and rhinoplasty. However, there are other types of plastic surgery called cosmetic injectables that can produce dramatic improvements in appearance but are much quicker and easier than more involved surgical work like breast augmentations.

B Clinic is Brisbane’s premier cosmetic injectable clinic, performing a variety of quick and painless procedures called beauty booster treatments to enhance patients’ appearance. B Clinic’s procedures are minimally invasive, meaning patients walk out the door the same day and require little to no recovery time before returning to work.

Reasons that women might want a beauty booster treatment vary, but we all want to look our best. Dr. Lee Lua opened B Clinic in 2001 with the mission of providing the highest-quality, safest, and most affordable care possible to the women of Brisbane. Since, the clinic has added more expert staff as it has grown into a staple of the community, building its reputation for years as one of the top Australian clinics for cosmetic work.

Are cosmetic injectables right for you? Here are the top 5 reasons why you should consider a beauty booster treatment.

Environmental (Aging) Toxins Are Everywhere

More than ever, our skin is bombarded daily with a toxin potion of air pollution and artificial chemicals that can damage its health over the long term and cause premature signs of aging. Cosmetic injectable treatment can help restore patients’ youthful, healthy appearance and stave off the worst impacts of the chemical-laden world we live in.

Beauty Boosters are Minimally Invasive

One reason some women are understandably hesitant to get cosmetic work is that they fear a lengthy recovery that might sideline them from participating in their day-to-day lives. Images of weeks-long recuperation at home often come to mind when people consider cosmetic surgery.

While it is true that procedures like nose jobs or liposuction do require lengthy recovery processes, our cosmetic injectables do not. Our patients can expect to leave the clinic on the same day of their visit and return to their normal daily routines with no problem.

The term “minimally invasive” is often used but poorly understood. An “invasion” refers to any surgical procedure that involves penetrating or “opening up” the skin. For example, during a breast augmentation, surgical incisions must be made and manipulation of the underlying tissues is a necessary part of the procedure. However, our injections at B Clinic are quick and painless, causing minimal disruptions.

We focus on causing as little disruption to the body as possible to prevent a reaction like large amounts of swelling.

Limited to No Side Effects

A major selling point for many patients is the fact that there are so few side effects to cosmetic injectables. Unless the patient is allergic to one of the materials such as Botox, which we test for prior to treatment, there should be no expectation of any significant side effects to your beauty booster treatment.

The Work is Guaranteed

We understand that our patients expect to see the results on par with our high standards, and we work to achieve them for every patient. We will not rest until both our patients and staff are satisfied with the outcome.

At Clinic B, we are passionate about delivering results that meet or exceed our patients’ expectations. When you choose us for your injectable cosmetic procedure, you are enlisting the help of a dedicated team of professionals who will work tirelessly to get the results you expect.

Our Experts Have Years of Experience

Unlike B Clinic, some fly-by-night clinics seek to minimize their operational costs by employing less qualified staff and using cheaper, untested materials and protocols to deliver work that often fails to meet the standards that patients should expect from a provider. B Clinic’s doctors have decades of combined experience in the plastic surgery field. Our team of 6 doctors, plus our support staff of registered nurses and technicians, pool their years of experience to deliver results that are sure to impress.

For booster treatments like Botox Brisbane has one of the leading providers in the world, B Clinic — the top choice for Australians looking for both high qualities of care and affordability.


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