Tips if Your Internet Speed Fluctuates While Netgear Extender Setup

As we use more and more content on the web, home or office network has become increasingly vital. No matter whether you are posting updates on Facebook, live streaming a movie on your mobile or accessing websites, you need speed. And while performing Netgear extender setup, you want to make sure that you are getting an interrupted Internet speed.

Though it is quite simple to establish a network, little flaws can lead to the deepest frustration. One of the most common issues while configuring an extender is fluctuating Internet speed. Thankfully, there are various ways to enhance your connection speed. In this article, we have highlighted multiple ways to increase your Internet speed and access Netgear extender setup website easily. Scroll down to read more.

When your WiFi connection starts to crawl, the slowdown may be caused by your ISP (Internet Service Provider) rather than local network. Generally, Internet connections slow down during peak usage hours – commonly early evenings – but local networks don’t cause such issue. Let’s have a look at different reasons why your Internet speed fluctuates while accessing Netgear extender setup page.

  • Network is loaded with malware.
  • Interference from neighboring networks that are active at the same time.
  • Multiple devices are playing web games or streaming content simultaneously.
  • Large distance between router and extender.
  • You are using low bandwidth channel.

These were some of the reasons why you are experiencing issues with your Internet. If you want to get rid of this problem, follow the steps given below:

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  1. Avoid annoying extensions or add-ons

Add-ons or extensions improve the functionality of a web browser and boost its performance. These either come installed with your browser or mistakenly installed by you. But these always provide users with low Internet speed. They eat up most of your connection bandwidth and prevent you from accessing Netgear extender setup wizard.

  1. Keep away from websites with too many graphics

Internet is chock-a-block with a number of websites and several of them make use of too many graphics on their homepage. This kind of sites put away a lot of your data connection bandwidth. In case the webpage you are visiting is taking ages to load or show up, it’s recommended you to leave that page or look for another way to access it. However, when you visit website while setting up your extender, you may face error messages. To get rid of them, you have to clear memory, cache and cookies of your web browser.

  1. Don’t open multiple tabs

We all do that; whenever we search something on Internet, it provides us with relevant results. Then, we open multiple tabs at the same time. Though it can increase your work productivity, it causes your Internet connection to run at tortoise’s speed. In order to resolve this issue, try to open as little tabs as you can and enjoy faster Internet speed.

  1. Contact your ISP

Make sure to connect your Internet Service Provider to know whether you are getting that much speed for which you pay.

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  1. Clear browser history

If all above-mentioned methods fail to work for you, try clearing your browsing history. Also, don’t forget to delete cache and cookies of it. After that, open a new tab and go to mywifiext to check if you are getting a faster Internet speed. Once this web page opens, log in using Netgear extender setup password.

  1. Don’t download files from web

One of the factors that can negatively affect your network connection is downloading. We all download files in bulk from the Internet on a regular basis. And most users grab files anyhow (from unreliable or third-party sources). Also, some users download too many games and apps even without any need for them. This can put a negative effect on your Internet speed, causing it to fluctuate. So, try to grab only important files from trusted sources.

In this way, one can easily fix this issue and perform Netgear extender setup without any difficulty. Have you ever faced this problem? Which method worked for you the best? Don’t forget to share them with your fellow readers through comments section below.