Top 03 FinTech Blockchain Projects of 2018

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are continually developing, with the famous of them being bitcoin, ethereum and ripple, gaining most of the popularity.

Top 03 FinTech Blockchain Projects of 2018

In this article, we are going to focus on some of the FinTech Blockchain projects that are helping financial startups and businesses to stay on top of the blockchain space.

Both blockchain and financial technologies go along with each other pretty well. As space seems to grow on rapidly, there is an enormous amount of chances for companies to resolve the current financial problems with innovative ideas powered by blockchain.

We will discuss the blockchain projects in the FinTech sector, but before that, we talk about the blockchain technology.

The very first blockchain was a hash tree, also known as Merkle Tree. This data structure is named after Ralph Merkle, a computer scientist who patented the structure in 1979.

The structure was operated by verifying and managing the data between computer systems.

To make sure that data is neither altered nor changed in the peer-to-peer network of computers, validating of data is given the most importance.

Fast forward to 2008; Satoshi Nakamoto conceptualized the distributed blockchain technology. The blocks contain a history of data exchanges; this uses a peer-to-peer exchange network to verify every exchange, this can be anonymously managed without the need of any central authority.

This is how blockchain is powered and laid the foundation for bitcoin and also to other cryptocurrencies.

Now, let’s hop on to the crux of the article, few blockchain projects in the FinTech sector, as of 2018.


Top 03 FinTech Blockchain Projects of 2018

OmiseGO blockchain is an entirely on-chain and a massively scalable decentralized exchange, cclearinghousemessaging network, also a blockchain gateway backed by the asset.

The platform provides cutting-edge transfer service by facilitating the transactions on the OMG network in a trustless and secure manner.

OmiseGO aims to be the decentralized and universal payment processing system that is built on Ethereum, allowing people to send and receive any currency. OmiseGO has the capability of letting the users send coins locally and internationally. This project from OmiseGO is drawing attention from Southeast Asian countries, as there are only a few options to transfer money between two parties.

OmiseGO is all set to launch Plama — an off chain scaling solution, which is to be integrated into the OMG network. It is also said that if OmiseGO successful in implementing the project, it could well be the most comprehensive payment processing solution.


Metal is a blockchain based payment platform, allowing people to transfer money to any part of the globe. The users on Metal can transfer money using their phone number and then claim for rewards for every cryptocurrency associated transaction.

The platform is intuitive and user-friendly which allows users to sign up just by using their number. It also has a technical support team that solves almost any problem that users face.

To ensure safety during transactions, Metal stores personal information in an encrypted format.

Metal is all set to link with Metal Pay with its micro investing app called Crumbs.

FIC Network

The FIC Network enables the listing, exchange and securitization of fixed income financial instruments such as the corporate bonds, asset-backed securities, syndicated loans and many more; it is decentralized fixed income security that is empowering these facilities.

FIC Network has the intention of solving the problem of crypto-credit and fixed income products which are without a proper infrastructure; allowing financial institutions with a direct link between the debit or credit market and the issuer by issuing secondary loan services.

The financial institutions are the allowed to make money off the interest by lending and borrowing cryptocurrencies and fiat assets while securitizing fiat debt and crypto.

FIC is also effectively working on to boost the market growth and bridge the gap between the traditional and cryptocurrency markets.

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