The top 4 best destinations for medical tourism

As summer approaches and most of our responsibilities subside and dissolve with the mist of spring, the duties of self-care rise again. With a few months of searing heat and an empty schedule, the leisure activities that have accumulated over the year seem impossible to fit into three months. On the one hand, you want to pack your bags and roam the world for spontaneous moments and dear memories. On the other hand, you wish to take time to work on bettering yourself both physically and mentally.

While it might seem neither of two activities can be inclusive of the other, the trend of medical tourism is here to prove you wrong. You can simultaneously travel abroad, tour around, and receive the makeover you have been long pursuing, with additional advantages over traditional tourism. Read along to learn of the best destinations for medical tourism.

1- Turkey

Known mostly for its history, the Eurasian country bordered by four seas each offering a distinct experience to neighboring cities and villages is a new favorite for medical tourists. The country welcomes thousands of health tourists monthly, which has led to an increase in the number of hospitals that operate exclusively for this purpose. As a result of the high demand, there is no waiting lists, better services for international patients, and most importantly outstanding medical care.

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The country is best noted for its cutting-edge hair transplant techniques in comparison to competing countries. Hair transplant centers such as the Vera Clinic, offer luxurious services for their international patients to mediate their stay away from home that includes airport pickup, a personal driver, and an interpreter to transcend the language barrier. In addition, Turkish airlines offer discounted ticket prices for tourists seeking the country for medical purposes.

2- India

India is also growing in popularity among the medical tourism community, the prices are similar to the fees required in Turkey, which tend to be around 70% cheaper than the US. India has a rich culture and outstanding cuisine, offering thereby an exceptional experience in addition to the high quality of medical care.

3- Brazil

The Latin American country is home to one of the busiest airports around the world after China and the US. Despite the beautiful scenery and landscape, Brazil is visited for plastic surgery. Breast augmentation is one of the popular procedures that patients seek the country for.

4- Thailand

Thailand has struck the world with its nature, cuisine, and architecture. However, in recent years, it has received attention for something far from history and geography, The South-East Asian country, holds the highest number of internationally accredited hospitals in the region and is mainly reputed for dermatological procedures.

In summary

Medical tourism provides an opportunity for the equally adventurous yet responsible to wander around and simultaneously accomplish major procedures at a fraction of the price. It’s two birds one stone.

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