Why is a mini dab rig better than a large concentrate pipe or bowl? Here’s why

Why is a mini dab rig better than a large concentrate pipe or bowl? Here’s why

Consuming cannabis has increased dramatically in recent years. With the presence of legal dispensaries and smoke shops scattered across the country, millions of cannabis users are enjoying the plethora of cannabis-related products on the market. Some of these products include accessories and mechanisms that can be used to consume cannabis, like dab rigs, joints, bongs, bowls, and pipes.

When browsing dab rigs, you may be wondering what type works best for your smoking needs. If you enjoy smoking concentrates, dab rigs are definitely the better options than bowls or bongs. However, the real question dedicated cannabis users ask themselves is what type of dab rig will give you the cleanest and smoothest hit?

We recommend using mini dab rigs. Mini dab rigs work in the same manner as larger dab rigs. These high-tech options are a great choice for those who want a portable and convenient mechanism that is small and lightweight.

What is a mini dab rig?

A mini dab rig is exactly as it sounds – a small dab rig. Cannabis users can easily shop online to find a mini dab rig that meets their needs, like ones from MJ Arsenal. Mini rigs work in the same way that a traditional rig works, just on a smaller scale with a smaller mechanism and a smaller amount of cannabis. One benefit of using mini dab rigs is the ability to handle concentrates due to the lower volume of air inside the rig, boosting the flavor without making it a more complicated smoking experience.

As the popularity of using dab rigs for concentrates continues to grow in recent years, so does innovation when it comes to smoking mechanisms. Instead of bowls, bongs, and dab rigs being all uniform and the same size and shape, creations of new mechanisms have led to various smoking experiences to tailor the experience to every individual’s preferences.

Concentrates have become popular for a good reason – they contain the medicinal effects, CBD, and the recreational effects, THC, without any side effects. Combining THC and CBD with terpenes, concentrates are long-lasting, flavorful, strong, and smooth.

When choosing between a dab rig and a mini dab rig, it may seem like a mini dab rig will provide less flavor and power than a bigger mechanism – users will be surprised and happy to find out this misconception is wrong. Due to the smaller size, less water and air is preventing you from getting a strong hit, meaning your hit will be less filtered, stronger, and more full-bodied.

Let’s see a few other reasons why a mini dab rig is the best option for cannabis users.

3 reasons why a mini dab rig is the best option

Although you may think the biggest dab rig will provide the strongest hit, this is proven to be untrue. Let’s see why choosing a mini dab rig is the best option for those who want a convenient, portable, and strong-tasting option, like MJ Arsenal mini dab rigs.

Less toxicity

Mini dab rigs use vapor and concentrates, which have proven to be healthier than smoking harmful toxins into your lungs through combustion. When you are dabbing concentrates, the high is more powerful, better tasting, and longer-lasting when compared to inhaling smoke from a bong. Furthermore, the taste of the concentrate is stronger and delivered in a healthier method.

Smaller is better

Although people may have the misconception that bigger is automatically better, this can be proven wrong when it comes to mini dab rigs. Over time, rigs have been constructed to be more portable, smaller, and more efficient for daily use. Even though using a sturdier and bigger rig may seem like the ideal plan for smoking concentrates, there are many reasons why a smaller option could be better for your lifestyle.

First, bigger dab rigs can be more difficult to inhale the vapor, meaning they require multiple installations. The more inhalations, the more chances for your vapor to go stale before it hits your mouth and your lungs.

Second, it can take longer for the vapor to reach your lungs, with the flavor and strength of the hit being dulled before you ingest the concentrate. Using smaller dab rigs prevent this from occurring, since the hit will reach your lungs much quicker.

Convenience factor

The final benefit of using a mini dab rig over a typical dab rig is the convenience factor of having a smaller mechanism for smoking concentrates. The micro dab rig is small – as you might guess – making it portable, easier to conceal, and easier to pack in a backpack.


When shopping for mini dab rigs, make sure you purchase a high-quality, convenient portable, and long-lasting option, like one of the MJ arsenal mini dab rigs. Mini rigs offer numerous benefits over the full-size options, like smooth hits, strong flavor, convenience, and transportability.

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