Why You Should Invest On Armor Plating Right Now

Why You Should Invest On Armor Plating Right Now


What’s the most valuable object on this planet? Diamonds>? Platinum? Gold? You are wrong. It’s your life. There is no conceivable material in known existence that can come close to the incalculable value of human life. Unfortunately, while being exponentially significant, human life is also one of the most abused and threatened elements present in this planet. Countless threats, both accidental and malign exist. If you come to think of it, we barely understand the importance of protecting ourselves from the harms co-existing with life. Life goes on and we continue to lead our lives, completely oblivious of the fact that there are unseen hazards lurking in the background. People at high risk have to take this signal of caution very seriously.

Who are the people at high risk?

Security personnel, people in armed forces, people dealing with firearms etc. are always at risk. While protecting others, they leave themselves exposed to the walking menace and the consequences can be dreadful. Body armor is a need for them and investment on a proper efficacious body armor is mandatory.

Think about your families

Your life is not your life alone. Your life is linked to an entire group of people that look up to you for guidance. They look up to you for direction, for a sense of purpose. They look up to you for food, for shelter. You are the mammoth tree that shelters the saplings. These saplings depend on you for nutrition. You form the crutches for the elderly. You are their support. You are their bloodline. Their life is intertwined with yours. Defending your core is equivalent to saving their life. Think seriously about your loved ones. They depend on you so don’t fade away. Don’t take your life for granted. Get an armor plating and secure some form of protection for your heart that powers multiple lifelines.

Addressing the myth, is body armor bulletproof or not?

In short, no. Body armor is by no means bulletproof. The correct terminology would be to classify body armor as bullet resistant. This resistance to projectile expulsion of kinetic energy of the bullet is centered on both qualitative and quantitative aspects. Upon the degree of resistance afforded by the armor plate is the classification of various types of armor plating centered.

What are the different types of body armor?

There are several different types of body armor depending on it’s application. The type of body armor depends on personal requirements of the consumer, degree of risk posed by occupational hazards, site of occupation and personal preferences. Following is a brief list of body armors available in the market for your viewing pleasure:

  1. Bulletproof (resistant) vests
  2. Body Plates
  3. Stab resistant vests
  4. Bullet resistant backpacks

The significance of soft armor in the modern day world

The name soft armor might suggest that it is a benign piece of hardware aimed at protection against milder attacks. Don’t be fooled. Soft armor is constructed from exceptionally strong composite of Kevlar and para-aramid fibers that can resist substantial damage and prove to be a life saving measure that is not too difficult to wear. Sandwiched in a durable protective covering, soft armor is a palatable option for consumers searching for protection.

The significance of hard armor in the modern day world

Hard armor is more impact resistant and more heavy duty in nature. It is fabricated from resistant materials like ceramic and steel. The resulting armor comes under the categories of Class III and Class IV armor plates. They are used to afford protection against heavier machinery such as assault rifle bullets. They have the inherent advantage of being brittle and heavy hence limiting mobility. Sometimes a tradeoff has to be made for the greater good. Protection from the bullet is first priority and against heavy artillery, level 4 plates offer this degree of protection.

Reasons to consider buying armor plating

  • A source of mental piece in today’s world. Crime rates and shootings continue to soar and possessing a potent form of protection would go a long way in ensuring peace of mind.
  • Wearing a barrier of safety that can be life saving should alone make you consider buying an armor plate.
  • If you are an avid hunter, without a shadow of doubt you should purchase a protective armor vest. Hunting is a high intensity adrenaline inducing hobby and things can most certainly go south. Having protective gear can soften the blow of adverse circumstances quite significantly.
  • If you are a mad scientist constantly experimenting and dealing with potentially dangerous chemicals, it’s better to get protective plating. Accidents are inevitable and they can happened anytime at any place. Better safe than sorry.


As emphasized in the preceding paragraphs, life is invaluable. Damage is irreversible and to safeguard ourselves from the harms lurking in the shadows, it’s time to make hay, for It’s the fundamental objective of every human to commit themselves to protecting their life. Stay safe and love safe.

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